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Sunder Bond

16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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In the depths of loss, she walks alone,
A path of sorrow she must now own.
Through shattered dreams and tears that fall like rain,
She clings to hope amidst heartache’s pain. 

Once a family, whole and strong,
Now fractured, torn, the bond is gone.
A marriage ended, love estranged,
Her life forever rearranged. 

The weight of grief, a heavy load,
She carries it on this rugged road.
In every smile, there hides a tear,
As she confronts her deepest fear. 

But in her soul, a fire ignites,
A mother’s love that never dims or blights.

Though fate has dealt a cruel, harsh hand,
Her love for her child will firmly stand. 

She cherishes the memories, so dear,
Of laughter, love, and joy sincere.
In every heartbeat, her child lives on,
An everlasting bond, though they are gone. 

Amidst the darkness, a glimmer of light,
Guiding her through the long, cold night.
Her strength emerges, a resilient core,
With love and faith, she will restore. 

Though she has lost both love and kin,
Her spirit rises from within.
With each new dawn, a hope reborn,
For she’s a survivor, battle-worn. 

Through the trials, she’ll find her way,
To build a life, a new array.

For in her heart, she holds the key,
To unlock a future yet to be. 

To the woman who bears this plight,
May love and healing reunite.
May she find solace in the pain,
And in her loss, a strength regain


Mou Nag



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