Choosing life amidst darkness

16th October 2023 | 116 Views

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In the deep shadows, I yearned to part, to join the night, to leave this heart.
But thoughts of deeds, both great and small,
They held me back from death’s dark call.

For a flame burnt in my soul.
A hunger for something I hadn’t earned.
The untried actions, the untrodden roads, they held my hand, that cold, dark sod.

Though darkness shouted my name, I stayed on course, rekindling hope’s little flame.
I choose to live, strive, and see for the delicious promise of life yet to come.

I found the strength to battle and triumph even when things looked bleak.
I’ll keep living, strong and true, for all the things I have yet to do.

Savitonii Kisotso



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