OneUI 6: All the New Features and Eligible Devices


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OneUI is Samsung’s Operating System User Interface and in a few months, Samsung will be releasing OneUI 6 which will run on Android 14. Here is a list of new features of OneUI 6 and a list of all Eligible Devices.

 Lock Screen

On the lock screen, in the past, the Clock was fixed in its position in the top-middle area. Now in OneUI 6, we can reposition the clock to the place of our choice.

Home Screen

OneUI 6 comes with a new default modern-looking font. This will be set and enabled by default. This can be changed after going into settings. If you use a custom font, the custom font will be applied when you upgrade to OneUI 6.

All the Samsung apps have dropped the “Samsung” or “Galaxy” name, to make them shorter and easier to scan.

A better search scan has been implemented in OneUI 6, with more app actions.

Quick Panel

Quick panel or the panel above notification settings comes with a new layout with more accessible buttons for the most used features such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Dark mode, and eye comfort shield.

The phone’s brightness can now be adjusted instantly as it can be accessed in the compact quick panel.

OneUI 6 comes with a better notification panel. All the notifications are now displayed on their own card to help distinguish notifications from each other.

Weather Widget

OneUI 6 now comes with a new and interactive weather widget which now provides more information about local weather such as severe thunderstorms, rain, snow, and moon phases. There are better illustrations overall with better animations.

Photo Editor

  • Undo and redo options
  • Better layout to easily access tools and features
  • Draw on custom stickers
  • Edit the photo or sticker after saving


  • Custom Camera widget
  • Better watermark alignment
  • Scan documents easily
  • Better fps options for video recording

Eligible OneUI 6 phones

  • Samsung S Series
    • Galaxy S23, S23+, S23 Ultra
    • Galaxy S22, S22+, S22 Ultra
    • Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, S21 FE
  • Samsung Z Series
    • Galaxy Z Flip 3,4,5
    • Galaxy Z Fold 3,4,5
  • Samsung A Series
    • Galaxy A72, A73
    • Galaxy A52, A52s, A52 5G, A53, A54
    • Galaxy A33, A34
    • Galaxy A23, A24
    • Galaxy A13, A14
    • Galaxy A04S
  • Samsung F series
    • Galaxy F54
    • Galaxy F23
  • Samsung Tab series
    • Galaxy S9, S9+, S9 Ultra
    • Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Ultra
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