A list of things I wondered

16th October 2023 | 5 Views

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  1. I think the world would instantly be a better place if we acknowledge that everyone’s just a different genre of poetry with varying figures of speech and a different rhyming scheme; but beautiful nonetheless.
  2. The alternate universe is just a world full of faith leaps we weren’t brave enough to take in this one.
  3. It is interesting how every path we’ve taken, every decision we’ve made so far is just us striving for redemption.
  4. Some days our mind is like a Youtube video we staying at, waiting for it to stop buffering.
  5. The only thing anybody ever needed in this world was- A friend; not 1,000 views on their Instagram story, just one to share their life with.
  6. What we don’t realize often is that we don’t always have to be the ones drowning; sometimes we can be the lifeboats too.
  7. Always listen to music people recommend to you; It’ll tell you things they will never reveal about themselves.
  8. There is only so much silence one can take that noise gets more comforting after some time.
  9. Maybe, love was never meant to last forever; it was meant to be fleeting and beautiful in its impermanence.
  10. You can delete all of their favorite songs off your playlist, but can you delete their voice?
  11. Maybe, we don’t need fixing. Maybe, we’re complete in our broken.
  12. It takes a whole day’s strength to allow yourself to be weak for a second.
  13. We’re so used to having push notifications for everything that we barely notice the little things in life that don’t come laced with one.
  14. All mess doesn’t need cleaning. Some mess is simply Art.
  15. Sometimes we get so used to walking upon the shards of our broken hearts that we only make it worse.
  16. Maybe the world comes to a standstill once in a while because it is amazed by your spirit that never gives up. It stops to appreciate before you let it pass you by.
shreya saraogi



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