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Won’t you be?

16th October 2023 | 3 Views

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Won’t you be a vegetable so that I shall not leave even the bitterest bitter gourd?

Won’t you be a torch so that I’ll switch of my main and hold you always for me?

Won’t you be a spice so that i shall cook all my dishes on you?

Won’t you be an icebar so that i can taste it till the end of the world?

Won’t you be a milk bottle so that i can hold it by being a baby forever?

Won’t you be my own board plane so that we shall dive into heights?

Won’t you be a nutrient so that i don’t miss it daily?

Won’t you be a closed door to knock it often?

Won’t you be a magical dress which i can wear it from my start to stop?

Won’t you be a thorn to get all the thorns out by entering me?

Won’t you be a medicine prescribed to me for all time and all days of mine?

Won’t you be my poem in Jupiter so that i don’t follow any rules to stop you flowing?

Won’t you be a film which has started but had no time to cease?

Won’t you be my Vehicle so that i don’t sell it after it’s outward beauty?

Won’t you be a rose that never ceases to spread the aroma?

Won’t you be a road roller took an unending contract to be entwined with the road, which is me?

Won’t you be a Jewellery shop so that i can buy all the models in it?

Won’t you be a keypad so that i can be in touch with you alltime?

Won’t you be the constitution so that i can read you patriotically?

Won’t you be one of the members in sardines so that i can spend my time in the deep ocean in search of you?

Won’t you be a Bindhi so that i can keep you alltime?

Won’t you be a laptop so that I can invite online jobs as my permanent one?

Won’t you be a begging bowl so that I can be a beggar to hold you always though i’m a literate?

Won’t you be an institution to discover and learn all the courses in it?

Won’t you be a celebration for my country so that I can leave holiday for the whole year?

Won’t you be a tree so that I don’t cut at all?

 Won’t you be an art which never attains a perfection so that I could draw it to the unseen ends?

Won’t you be an acid rain so that I can harm myself to get drenched?

Won’t you be a grain so that I can have it for my unending monsoon as an ant?

Won’t you be an additional so that I can get it all to clear all my arrears?

Won’t you be my game so that I can be hands-on all time?

Won’t you be my blanket so that I can cover myself even in the summer?

Won’t you be my eyelid so that I dont miss you even when I close my eyes?

Won’t you be a treasure so that I can find all the routes to reach you?

Won’t you be the fluids in my body to regulate me?

Won’t you be an ending line of an athlete so that I can see you to attain you at last?

Won’t you be a medal in the Olympics so that I can achieve all of it for India?

Won’t you be an airplane in my childhood so that I can watch it till it closes it’s blinking light?

Won’t you be a brick so that I can build many versions of Mumtaz Mahal?

Won’t you be a spoonful of my mommy’s feed so that I don’t say no?

Won’t you be the petrol in my dream so that I can drive all the routes in India?

Won’t you be ‘my numberless continents’ so that I can start my voyage to find all of yours?

Won’t you be my land so that I don’t plant any unwanted factories?

Won’t you be my Zomato so that I can order everytime?

Won’t you be my guide so that I don’t buy other publications?

Won’t you be the neighbouring country so that I don’t fight with you?

Won’t you be my Vedas so that I can read you even in my teens?

Won’t you be the hanging star so that I can keep you in all my celebrations?

Won’t you be my blood group so that I can ask a backward class for help though i’m an upward?

Won’t you be my vision so that I don’t lose you even if i’m blind?

Leopaul Joseph



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