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There is always a moment in our life when we remember our forgotten dreams . 

The dreams that we dreamt of when we were young,  or maybe as a child, a dream of something better or something more beautiful, of something that wasn’t ours but the mind was yearning to make it ours. 

Dream of visiting the Eiffel Tower, or maybe skiing in the white snowcapped hills of Himachal, for a person having the craze of wanderlust, every other place becomes a dream. The place he sees in his mind, of seeing it in reality, becomes the actual dream.

Some people dream big, some people aspire for little. It is nothing wrong in dreaming big, nor having small dreams should be thought of a thing of shame. For dreams are dreams, big or small, simple or livid, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that it should make you have an adrenaline rush if ever the Phoenix of your dreams rises from the ashes of the worries, responsibilities and complications in your life.

Topping the university, or maybe the head boy of school, maybe it is the dream of many. And, just one day, we see the Head Boy badge pinned on some other kid’s coat, and we remember our long lost yearning for the same. Or maybe, the pictures of toppers published in newspapers reminds you of your dream of being seen in that newspaper, right there, in the place of that girl or boy.

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