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Are You Earning Money-Fast

16th October 2023 | 5 Views

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One day  I was talking to my student at  #metro station
while going back from school to home.
 Student was very much confused.He asked me "where ever
I go many of my friends always discuss which academic or
 #professional courses we should try to get in to make large
amount of money in shortest time."
I replied see dear student earning money can be through
two channels
1.One gives ones services and in return gets paid.
2.One sells some material goods to others and in
return get money.
Earning in any way with honesty demand lot of hard work
and dedication.
Some  #young minds may think cheaper ways of earning fast money.
For sure my student those ways may  #fascinate one
but in real sense one can be behind bars one day
or other.
It is okay one may earn less.But money earned  #legal way
with honesty is best.Never think that job x is not suited
because society  think  particular job very low.This is not
right.One should lay hands on that particular job,where
 one feels  #comfortable.That job particular gives one
 lot of  #satisfaction and one has potential to expand ones job. 
 Moral of Story-One should always follow ones passion
 sincerely money itself will flow.
Sukarma Thareja
Alumnus IITK 1986


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