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Monsoon Diaries

simranjeet kaur renuLast Seen: Jan 10, 2024 @ 1:47pm 13JanUTC
simranjeet kaur renu

16th October 2023 | 17 Views

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Gazing dreamily outside the window on a rainy day gives me flashbacks of my childhood.

Kabhi Kabhi Sochti Hoon Jab Mai Choti Thi,

Pehli Barish Aesi Lagti Thi Jese Badalon Ke Khushi Ke Aasu Hai

Pehli Barish Ki Khushbu Maano Pyar Ka Iitar Ho

Back on those days we used to make paper boats and race on sidewalk and jumped in every puddle way back to school.Eating sweet corns on road sides was very fascinating. 

Playing indoor games ludo,chess,carom boards was icing on the top.It seemed like everything was perfect.

Aesa Koi Aajkal Kyon Nahi Karta Hai? 

Kya Duniya Ke Rang Dhalgye Hai Yah Humare Zindagi Jeene Ke Vichar Badalgye Hai

Today’s Era people are so engaged and committed towards their work, time for family is hard to find.

Spending quality time with family was so amazing.These little moment’s make our life as tempting as honey. 

 Sometimes I want to embrace the warmth of my precious childhood. 

Agar Khushiyon Ke Liye Pagal Banna Bhi Pade Toh Ismei Harz Kya Hai?

Agar Bachpana Pakar Sab Khiljayege Toh Aese Khilne Mei “Par” Kya Hai?

Bheege Bheege Ghar Jaakar Mummy Papa Ke Saamne Khade Hone Ka Dar Kya Hai?

Agar Zindagi Puri Karna Hai, Toh Jeene Mei Harz Kya Hai

simranjeet kaur renuLast Seen: Jan 10, 2024 @ 1:47pm 13JanUTC

simranjeet kaur renu



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