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The Demanding Mind

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I want diamonds all my life,

Procrastination is my soulmate in disguise.

My wants are expensive and unnecessary,

They chant my name relentlessly.

Though I try to hold myself,

But the world shows me something pretty on shelf.

My brain’s a hardcore mess,

It drives crazy and break rules with eagerness.

To function properly,all it does,

But in the wrong circumstances,now that’s a buzz.

If I ever used some of it to conquer the universe,

Remaining undercover is is the only option left for worse.

My mind,my overthinking,my fear,my anxiety,

Your heart,your time waste,your inquiries.

When it’s alone,it’s a devil,

It can think of the darkest bezels.

When it is accompanied,

Sometimes its kind and sometimes it’s frustrated.

Coordination with heart is an unknown sighting,

Introvert and stubborn,it keeps on fighting.

Always wanting all the the things on the earth,

Oh people,it’s mind that’s the reason for my worth.

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