Lost Love


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The boy left with a heavy heart,

In search of his love, he had to depart,

He wandered for days, through fields of gold,

Yet his love, he couldn’t seem to hold.

He searched the mountains and the seas,

Fought through the rage of a thousand trees, 

The path was long and full of strife,

But he kept on, determined to find his life.

Every night he looked up to the stars,

Hoping she’d come back to heal his scars,

But the stars were silent, and so was he,

Pleading to the heavens to bring her to thee.

And as he walked, with tears in his eyes,

He realised his love was just a disguise,

A mirage that led him astray,

And ultimately led him to this day.

For he had lost himself in the search,

Blinded by love, unable to merge,

With the reality that lay before him,

A world of love, he couldn’t comprehend.

So he came back to the place he started,

And found love where it always parted,

Right in his heart, where it belonged,

And he knew this love would never be wrong

Debraj Chakraborty



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