That Cold Words.


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       This is a story of a teenage boy named Ashok. Ashok was very joyous, happy and filled with life kind of boy. Recently he post graduated in the field of Computer Applications. He was selected in the first round of his dream company for the post of a Full-Stack Developer.  He was happier than ever in his life at that moment.

Ashok was very much happy with his life right now. Dream company, dream job, he was having everything that he ever dreamt for. 

The day came when he had to join the company. It was his first day as  a Full Stack Developer in his dream company. On the way to his office, he had to change trains. Basically, his office was located at a much long distance than his home. He had to travel through train. In fact, he had to change 2 trains to reach at his office and also at the right time.

On his way to his office, in the train, he met a mysterious, yet quite calm man. This man was like something different. I mean, By looking at him, he was like in his  mid 30’s or 40’s, but his face and the way he talked with his other friend was like… a man in his 60’s or something. This made Ashok think a little. He imagined like, How in the world does a man looks like he’s in 30s/40s, sounds like he’s in his 60s??

It could be the experience that he gained in a very small age or so. Or rather it be something else. Ashok ignored the guy for sometime. As Ashok’s destination was yet to come, Ashok was stopped by this same man. He told him in a very strange and cold words that, “Ashok, Be careful at the lift part of the company….”.

Listening these words, Ashok got shivers and goosebumps. Ashok didn’t event shared his name to this man. He didn’t even talked to him in any way, yet the man knew his name. And the words that came out of his mouth were very cold…almost like he was in a refrigerator or in a cold storage. 

The man warned him to be careful at the lift. After getting off of the train. Ashok, tried to search for this man. He looked here and there. He literally scanned the whole station, thinking he should talk to him on this. But the man was nowhere to be found.

Ashok was still processing this fact that how can a man be vanish in just a thin air and that also in front of nearly 100 peoples. Ashok was like stuck in the moment and was trying to regain his conscious. Then, Ashok started heading towards his office. Ashok, after some time arrived at the company building. He entered in the building. Ashok was like in a way enjoying his moment of joy and smiling all the way as he was inside the building where he always wanted to work.

Ashok’s office was at 4th floor. He thought he should use lift to get to the office on time. He boarded the lift. As he was in the lift, the buttons of the lift were like flashing on and off in front of him. Ashok entered the button for 4th floor, but nothing happened. Lift did not get started. Ashok thought maybe the lift is in the process of maintenance. But there was no sign of any out of order for lift. Ashok abandoned the idea of using the lift, instead he opt to use the stairs. As he was at the 4th floor. He approached for the office corridor to enter in the office and to start a new chapter of his life. As he passed buy the lift section, from the corner of his eyes, he noticed the same man who was in the train with him, who said to him to be careful with the lift. But now, he is wearing a all black outfit.

As Ashok panned his eyes towards the lift, he found nothing in or at the lift. It felt strange to him. One strange man, he saw him 2 times till now. and both the times, he was like struck by lightening in his face.

Ashok did not understand what is with this…He was a bit confuse, a bit of afraid. This time he saw the man for 2nd time. Even for a brief moment, he remembered the strange and cold words the man uttered in Ashok’s ears. 

Ashok went into the office. Time passed quickly. Ashok was set free for the day. His first day at his dream company was over. His office time was 9 – 5. Now as he was leaving, he walked to the same corridor and came across the lift area. To his surprise, there was no one in the lift. For a moment, Ashok thought, “Should I use the LIFT now?” . After a brief period of pause, Ashok decided to take the stairs as he was a little nervous about the lift. 

As Ashok was on the 2nd floor going towards the ground floor,  A loud noise was heard followed by some painful screams. Ashok was terrified by the sound. He immediately rushed to the ground floor to see what actually happened.

As Ashok reached the ground floor, he saw the most terrifying and the most dreadful scene of his entire life. The LIFT malfunctioned lost control from the 10th floor and collided with the ground. The LIFT took the lives of 8 young people, 3 of them were Ashok’s colleagues, whom Ashok had just met today in the office. 

An ambulance was called and the people in the lift, their bodies were pulled out. There was blood all around. People were in deep shock at this accident. Relatives of the deceased were mourning, crying, and screaming. But for now, the damage was done.

Seeing all this, Ashok strangely was reminded of the words of that man he saw on the train today. Who strangely warned him about the lift. He somehow knew the malfunctioning of the lift was due today. In a way he saved Ashok. Ashok was thinking, “This is all very sad. Traumatic. How did the lift malfunctioned? the case of being overweight is very much negligible as there were only 8 people in the lift. And How did that strange man know about the lift??”.  All these questions were running in his head. He was lost in thinking of all the possibilities through which this could happen. But he got nothing concrete to say. 

As he was approaching the outside of the building. A man stopped him and said, “I knew you wouldn’t take that lift, Ashok.”

Pratik Shimpi



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