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My mind wants to kill me!

16th October 2023 | 5 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: I am so sorry for whoever relates but don't panic take a deep breath cause you're not alone & you'll get through this. Let's find happiness together.

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It’s wild how our thoughts can indulge us so deep that sometimes we end up analyzing things so raw & defined.
One not so fine day, I was feeling so low that I ended up thinking about SUICIDE. And here’s the poem that I composed, for whoever relates I feel so sorry for you and you’re not alone, let’s find happiness together :))
Has anyone ever thought why does a person suicide?
Why do they feel like ending their life?
No, it’s not because of the worldly fight.
It’s that one extra battle they’re fighting on the inside.
They’re always in a state of misery.
Happiness they feel only when they’re tipsy.
You’ll always find them quietly in a corner.
No they don’t have an ego problem,it’s just that their own mind feels like foreign.
Their minds are on constant flight.
It rome from one darkest trauma to another darkest pain.
They’re fighting their own insecurities for sane.
When they’re silent, don’t assume.
They’ve already faced how people presume.
If you love, then use this time to show,
They’ll love you a thousand times when everything’s in the right flow.
Trust the process, wait a lil more.
Don’t just say you’re already bored.
It always hurts them to the core,
When the person they love the most loves them no more.



~ written by Anjali Singh.





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