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Safe Haven

16th October 2023 | 3 Views

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It’s just 7 pm and he looks at me with his tired eyes which makes him look older than he actually is. I extend my arms for him. In one swift motion, he drops the pen in his hand, crawls across the bed, and lies atop me; his huge limbs tightly wrapped around my tiny body. I feel nothing but love for the humongous human that is engulfing me right now. Within seconds he falls asleep. Although it’s a bit early, it doesn’t bother me because I know that there have been so many days he laid awake unable to find sleep, unfamiliar with what it means to find rest. I feel his head on my chest, his ear listening to my heart, his smell intoxicating me. I gently kiss his forehead and run my fingers through his hair and feel his hands and legs loosen around me symbolizing that he is finally relaxed. My fingers urge me to trace his beautiful nose that is resting against my chin right now. I feel a strange sense of contentment. The fact that despite how chaotic his days are or how troubled his thoughts are, he somehow tries to find his home in me makes my heart swell with love and adoration. I want to protect him from the world that doesn’t understand how beautiful his soul is.  I want to slay all the demons that haunt him. I want the peace that he is feeling right now to be permanent for him rather than a momentary one. His gentle snores fill my ears and bring back my wandering mind to hug the grown child on me and wrap a blanket around us. I nuzzle against his head and feel his fingers roam aimlessly around my skin in his sleep. I hear a faint “I love you” that his sleepy lips whisper. My own mind calms down. We are each other’s home. We are each other’s safe haven. We are each other’s hope. We are each other’s love.

Pooja Ramakrishnan



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