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The Adorable Love

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Dogs,Dogs,Dogs!!!🐶 How cute they are. Always love and adore these wonderful creations of God!

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How adorable you are with your tail wagging,

Your whiskers are so cute,just leave them hanging.

Being around you,makes my soul excite,

To cuddle and love you is always on my mind.

You come in various forms tiny or super,

But your innocence is the same,oh my duper.

I can’t get enough of you,the more I want you,

Twenty four seven, I just want your view.

One thing saddens me that you can’t speak,

But your expressions are so damn sleek.

Your eyes speak tranquility and peace,

You are always a man’s bestfriend indeed.

Your love for everyone is so unconditional,

Even in the worst,your charm ain’t transitional.

Not everyone will adore you,and that’s okay,

But you always remain kind and that’s my say.

Some treat you bad and so rough,

Don’t worry buddy,God is watching them from above.

Don’t ever question your existence,

You are an angel on earth’s beautiful subsistence.

You radiate positivity and happy glow,

Oh wonderful creature only I know how much I adore you.

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