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·       Introduction

Want to kill with your dressing style and fix eyes on you by looking gorgeous. In today’s era people style according to the trendy outfit and want to look fashionable all the time. What is fashion in general term it applies to the way of prevailing type of dresses or behavior at any given time .Here are some tips to keep in mind while selecting outfits for your wardrobe according to your body shape.

·        Body shapes

Body shape means the structure of the body which can be defined as distribution of muscle and fat of the person in the way they appear.

  Rectangle body shapeThe body shape consist of waist, bust and hips are about the same measurement but hips and shoulder are of same width.


Off shoulder tops with jeans or pants will compliment your structure.

Short jacket with t-shirt can be another option.     

Dark color belt around the waist area will add dimension.

Pencil skirt with loose tops.

Fitting top and flared jeans, pants or skirt is a good option.

Necklines and accessories

Collared neckline select chokers or small pendant with stud earrings which will not look crowded.

Jewels neckline will get enhanced by wearing short necklaces with bracelet.

U-shape neckline should be short and round shape with stud earrings will match your attire.

Bateau neckline provide spark by layered necklaces.

Deep and shallow neckline will make you look fuller by wearing chokers or statements necklaces.



2.     Triangle body shape or pear- The body shape consist of shoulder, bust which are narrower than your hips.


        Wrap up dress with tulip skirt.

        Collars, bows tops or shirts with light colors.

        Layers tank top, blouses, cardigan with bold color patterns will highlight the upper body.

        Dark color shorts, pants, jeans are also great option.

        A-line dresses, midi dress with blazer on top provide structure to your body.


       Necklines and accessories

        Square neckline wearing angular or geo pendants will provide structure to the neck.

        Bateau neckline gives you illusion of long neck wearing layered necklaces will be a great  match.

        Strapless neckline focuses on the collarbone include chokers with stud earrings.

        Boat neckline will look good with long beads necklaces or long chains.

        Turtle neckline shorten the neck so wear long with pendants and rings.



3.     Hourglass body shapeThe body shape consists of hips and bust which are equal size but waist is narrower than both.



Bodycon dresses are perfect for your appearance.

Striped dress will compliment those curves.

Pencil skirts with deep neck tops.

Flared pants will give you longer appearance and slimmer legs.

Same color for upper and lower body by highlighting the mid-section.


Necklines and accessories

Halter neckline will enhance the neck area by wearing slim pendants.

Sweetheart neckline make you to look fuller so curved beads and short necklaces will be a great choice.

Off shoulder neckline will highlight the collarbones by wearing asymmetric necklaces and studs earrings is a good fit.

Scoop neckline emphasizes on the collarbones so add volume pendants with bracelets.

Oval neckline gives compliment to the outfit so go with wearing short necklaces with stud earrings.


4.     Inverted triangle body shape–The body shape consist of your waist, hips which are narrower than bust and shoulders.



 Jackets, blazers and vertical lines t-shirts for upper body.

Dark color tops with light skirt or pants.

Strapless tops with little embellishment around the neckline.

A-line skirts or flare dress.

Horizontally striped dress or pleating, draping can be a good option.


Necklines and accessories

V-shape neckline highlight the neck by wearing shaped pendants.

 Scoop neckline should match with a volume pendant and bracelets .

Halter neckline look beautiful by wearing slim pendants.

Crew neckline keep it simple by including long chains and pendants.

Asymmetrical neck wearing dangling earrings and rings will appear more elegant.


·        Conclusion

Everyone’s body is perfect and beautiful but by following these small tips and tricks you can look more elegant, trendy, and fashionable. So next time when you go for shopping don’t forget to add the above point while purchasing your outfits. These simple guidelines will enhance your appearance and give you an idea about new styling look and to dress well .Hope you are eager to try new looks for next time.

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