The Forest Talk


3rd July 2024 | 16 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: In short forests are essential for lives,save them!🌳

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Logged into thick branches,

The forest took my mind’s patches.

The greenery it releases,

Blows my eyes in pieces.

It’s deep and dark,full of mysteries,

Wanna get lost in it,but it’s quite risky.

Full of beauty and wilderness,

It captures the epitome of beauty in full harness.

There lay many lies in it’s deep roots,

Wanna dug them out,you will get pursuit.

It is a sight to see in every season,

It enhances the joyfulness without any reason.

In day it may seem a little timid,

In night,it may seem like a death bed knitted.

For sure,the forest holds its secrets,

Let’s not disturb them and call them the sweetest.

But you will do when there are not so many,

Without them our lives will be empty.

Renuka K



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