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Pollution Due To Urbanization


16th October 2023 | 18 Views

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     To develop any country urbanization is very important. Because by urbanizing the remote areas by making new infrastructures brings development. Though urbanization is very important for the society but it has also a very bad effect on our society which is pollution. Industrialization took place, when people started setting up the cities. And after that the level of pollution started increasing day by day. Today’s biggest issue is environmental pollution. As a social animal we need to address this issue immediately. This environment pollution has become a major challenge for human beings.

     Now a days, the rural population has increased a lot in the urban areas to live a better life. If more people will live in a small area then pollution will automatically increase. As there is a sharp increase in the population, it may increase the pollution along with it. And due to this many diseases are spreading in the cities. Environmental pollution has now become the biggest problem in the cities.

Types Of Pollution :-

  1. Air pollution: The air is constantly being polluted by the smokes of the automotives and factories. The elements in that smoke is disturbing the natural composition of air which make the natural air very harmful for our health. The major challenges we are facing today is to Keep the air quality at a safe level.
  2. Water pollution: Natural water resources such as rivers, lakes, oceans and groundwater are being pollutedby the dirty wastages coming from the factories. We are using Chemical fertilizers in the lands to get more corps which are mixing in the river in rainy season. And another factor is our household garbages are also being washed away by the rain and mixed with water resources. This factors are maiking our water more polluted which is very harmfull for our health.
  3. Soil pollution: The large number of both organic and inorganic chemicals and wastages from the industries, construction sites and households can contribute to soil pollution. High concentration of chemical elements in soil can cause very bad effects on the health of humans, animals, trees and also to the ecosystem.
  4. Noise pollution: Living in a noisy conditions may cause many types of health issues. High levels of unwanted noises can also be annoying causing headaches, hearing loss .

     Though urbanization has a lot of positive aspects but it has also many negative aspects. But these problems can be solved by establishing some strict and specific rules or policies by the government by which we can prevent such types of problems caused by the increasing urbanization.

     So, finally, I can say the main priority of all the people around the world is to have access to proper healthcare, education and awareness. However, in the process of development, we can’t forget that the pollution due to the development will be very dangerous for the planet. So we have to think thousand times before polluting our earth. We can’t live a healthy and peacefull life if our surrounding is full of pollution. So let’s make a promise to keep our earth clean and plant a tree every year.

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