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Renuka KLast Seen: Nov 29, 2023 @ 4:58pm 16NovUTC
Renuka K

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Well this poem can be considered as breakup rant. But it's actually about separation from negativity or negative things. Our bad habits and traits destroy us both physically and mentally. But with time one can heal everything. So always stay positive and patiently wait for the best version of you! And don't forget to put efforts for it too! And never ever procrastinate!

Experiences of emotions,

Few jolly and commotion.

Lack of feelings in one’s heart,

Time heals everything, it’s an art.

Fortunate enough to see the world,

Let the silence make the chamaleon uncurl.

High Hopes may kill someone’s vibes,

Don’t worry let the snakes experience high tides.

Being stuck at one point is not so easy,

Speaking of perfection, I am its greedy.

I sacrificed my peace to be your heart’s piece,

Nutshell is,you are an endless caprice.

Broken and saddened was my state,

I became stoic,when you crossed my name.

Heroic memories were wasted on you,

How gloomy it is,you didn’t even have a clue.

With moments passed,we separated,

You became a memory,that’s now faded.

If I ever returned to you,

Shine with radiance of joy’s hue.

Now I have become sadness’ dealer,

Come close,now time has become my healer.

Renuka KLast Seen: Nov 29, 2023 @ 4:58pm 16NovUTC

Renuka K


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