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7 Best Ways To Write And Get Paid Instantly (2024)

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There are many great ways to write and earn including freelancing on Fiverr, Udemy courses, writing platforms like Milyin/Medium, and more. Well-written content is highly demanding and more so because it provides a fantastic opportunity for writers to earn income by sharing their writing skills and ideas. Many writers work independently and resort to publishing or working for clients.

This permits substantial creative freedom to them considering their schedule and work environment. This article will provide pragmatic advice and plunge into the seven most advantageous ways to write and be paid immediately. Writing platforms can be subjective as preferences and needs vary from writer to writer. However, we will study each tool in detail and deduce suitability for beginners and pros alike.

Editor’s Pick

We recommend you use Milyin for writing content of all kinds, be it poetry, articles, blogs, or quotes. Its ease of use and efficiency allow users to create, edit, and publish with the comfort of a click. In short, Milyin is a platform that rewards you well for every creative piece you put out there.

Best Ways To Write And Earn Instantly

PlatformSign-Up FeePay Potential Recommended Experience Link
Milyin FreeVery High BeginnerMilyin
UpworkFreeHighLittle ExperienceUpwork
TextbrokerFreeHighBeginner Textbroker
MediumFreeHighLittle Experience Medium
ListverseFreeVery HighExperience Listverse

1) Milyin

Milyin is the best platform to write and get paid for all forms of content

Milyin boasts itself as an all-encompassing platform that supports poems, stories, articles, blogs, and anything else that you may imagine. A multi-faceted writing website with an open-door policy, the platform offers limitless opportunities to create content as your heart desires and generate substantial income. This makes it a go-to platform for anyone looking to monetize their writing skills and explore new horizons. 

Milyin also allows you to connect and collaborate with fellow creators, building a supportive community that promotes growth and learning. It offers a Cost-Per-Click-based advertising revenue model allows you to write anything and earn money through advertisements in their Creations.



  • Growth: The collaborative interface of Milyin allows users to work together on articles and creative pieces. Therefore, allows individuals to enhance their abilities.
  • Content: Format your content to another level by attaching images, drafting articles, and embedding multimedia content.
  • No paywall: Anyone can get started on their creation journey without facing the trouble of buying a premium subscription.
  • Earning: On Milyin, your earning depending on your content and audience interests. Usually, you can get paid about $0.10 to as high as $0.25 per click for your writings at Milyin.
Allows beginners to earn right from the 1st day.UI/UX is relatively outdated compared to other platforms.
Editing tools allow you to enhance your creation. 
Price per word allows you to work flexibly. 

Link: https://milyin.com/

2) Upwork

Upwork is best for flexible getting paid for flexible freelance writing.

Once a niche category, freelancing has now transformed into a thriving industry. Upwork towers over other freelance platforms for writers seeking a range of development and economic freedom. Operating on a marketplace model, the gap between freelancers and clients is bridged perfectly in a transparent environment.

This freelancing platform is excellent for building a solid portfolio and a professional profile while connecting with high-quality clients. A writer composes proposals for various projects and, upon acceptance, is compensated at an hourly rate for the entirety of the project.



  • Flexibility: Upwork allows you to choose projects and clients that align perfectly with your style at your price and work schedule.
  • Client-base: Due to its widespread popularity and high-quality clients, this is an exceptional platform to showcase your skills, build a strong portfolio, and earn income.
  • Escrow: Upwork’s escrow model ensures timely payment once the client completes and approves the project.
  • Membership: The membership tiers boost your chances of receiving a project with additional benefits.
Easy-to-use platforms with tools for managing projects and tracking time.Upwork charges fees for clients and freelancers, thus increasing the overall cost of the project.
High-quality clients compensate for high-quality projects. 
A work diary keeps a visual record of your hours, thus ensuring fair payment. 

Link: https://www.upwork.com/

3) Textbroker

Textbroker is best for beginners looking to build a strong portfolio.

Textbroker can be considered a content-specific freelancing marketplace that connects businesses and individuals needing written content with freelance writers. Unlike most freelance platforms, Upwork’s client-centric approach uses its internal system to match clients and writers based on the requirements of employers. 

Based on your portfolio, it will assign you a star rating from 2-5, which will then decide your payout on every project. It provides an environment that encourages growth, flexibility, and financial stability. Writers can develop skills, build portfolios, and establish strong professional relationships. With its transparent and straightforward payment structure, Textbroker empowers writers to take control of their freelance writing careers, allowing them to write anything and get paid instantly.



  • Clarity: Textbroker takes the guesswork out of assignments. The client mentions word count, specific topics or keywords, desired tone, and every vital instruction. This clarity ensures that the writer precisely matches the client’s expectations.
  • Payment: Writers are paid per word, with higher-rated writers receiving better prices. Due to a fixed pricing structure, you would know the payout upfront.
  • Workflow: Constant client influx ensures consistent workflow and a steady income stream. While the payouts are pre-set, they are at par with industry standards.
  • Content Ownership: Depending on the service level, the writer may or may not retain ownership of the content they create. This is important to note before taking on projects.
Accessibility to writers of all kinds of experiences.Client interaction is limited.
Offers consistent workflow to freelance writers. 
The rating system allows writers to introspect and improve themselves. 

Link: https://www.textbroker.com/

4) Medium

Medium is best for long form articles and storytelling.

Medium is the perfect platform for long-form articles and stories. It is an empowering tool where people share content, from fables to blogs, prose, and poetry. A subscription model ensures the authenticity and legitimacy of every writing that is posted on the website.

Its partner program allows writers to earn money based on the engagement their stories receive from medium members. While quality content receives a substantial payout, even better than industry standards, beginners might need help to grow and attract eyeballs initially. Consistency is key. 



  • Friendly interface: Medium’s user-friendly interface allows writers to create without having extensive technical skills.
  • Engaging algorithm: Its feed is refreshed with user-relevant content, allowing your writing to be served to the right target audience. This makes it easy for you to write and get paid instantly.
  • Newsletter: Newsletters help publishers connect with their audience, resulting in growth and better reach.
  • Community Building: Medium allows writers to connect with their audience like no other platform. Features like liking, commenting, and following enable writers to build a loyal fanbase.
  • Additional support: Medium publications offer editorial support, helping writers to refine and enhance their writings.
Long-form content has higher reach and visibility.It’s hard to get tangible results if you are a beginner.
Great for brand building and expanding your audience. 
Detailed analytics allows you to better optimize your content 

Link: https://medium.com/

5) Listverse

Listverse is best for professional list-makers who have an eye for detail.

If you write articles using a list format, Listverse is an excellent option. Covering a wide range of subjects, including (but not limited to) history, science, mystery, and trivia, the content is curated meticulously in the form of a list. Following an open-submission model, writers submit their lists for consideration, and if accepted, their articles are published on websites. 

Published articles meeting all requirements are typically paid $100. In case your piece does exceptionally well, you also receive a bonus. Though the rewards can be extravagant, it’s important to note that Listverse follows precise guidelines and submission quality standards. Creating well-researched, unique, and appealing write-ups is critical to have your content approved and published on their site.



  • Author recognition: Apart from payment, list verse credits authors for their work in honour of the exceptional work. This helps in building a solid portfolio.
  • Content Licensing: Popular lists may be licensed to other websites or media outlets, thus providing extra income.
  • Sponsored lists: Listverse collaborates with advertisers to create sponsored lists, thus adding another extra income stream.
  • Popularity: Due to the rising popularity of short-format and concise content, Listverse can be a great option to try something unique and rewarding.
It is a viral and relevant platform in today’s day and age.Developing a list that doesn’t exist and a different topic altogether is challenging.
Lucrative offering for high-quality content.There is no guarantee of payment on submission of your list.
It is an excellent platform for creativity and writing out of the box. 

Link: https://listverse.com/

6) Copyhackers

Copyhackers is best for writers interested in digital marketing and product pitching.

In the vast realm of digital marketing, content is king. Copywriting plays a massive role in engaging customers towards a product. Crafting compelling, persuasive, and effective copy is an art, but if it’s an art that you enjoy and find interesting, then Copyhackers is for you. However, the process of a “guest post” can be detailed. They only respond to posts they’d like to pursue. 

The writing guidelines are mentioned, and the inability to comply with them will result in instant rejection. As of Feb 2020, they pay $300 to $1000 for every published article (amount at the editor’s discretion). Getting paid instantly by Copyhackers requires skill, dedication, and a strong alignment with psychology to appeal to the masses.



  • Unmatched payout: Anywhere between $300 and $1000 is a decent compensation for the time you’ll want to put in each pitch to make it elite.
  • Mastering the art: Writing for copyhackers allows you to refine your copywriting skills; hence, contributing to their platform will help you master this art.
  • Development: Copywriting encourages you to stay informed with the latest trends and best practices, thus contributing to your professional development.
  • Digital marketing: Copywriting allows you to make money by writing; in the process, you also learn essential digital marketing skills.
An active community of copywriters provides helpful tips and insights.A niche platform is not suitable for every content writer.
Paid courses and training to help improve copywriting proficiency.They only accept about 1 in 30 pitches, of which a mere 1/3rd get published. 
Opens new career opportunities in the field of marketing. 

Link: https://copyhackers.com/

7) Amazon MTurk

Mturk is best for people seeking extra income by working for a few hours.

MTurk is a crowdsourcing platform that Amazon runs. This allows businesses and individuals to post HITs, Human Intelligence tasks, for workers to complete for compensation. These are assignments that are otherwise difficult for a computer to carry out. Product description, usability testing, text transcription, rating, and reviewing products are some of the most popular HITs in the content field.

While the earning potential for consistent writers is unlimited, writing as a hobby could fetch you an extra $25 weekly. It is a perfect platform for someone just starting and aiming to bag a few bucks, not for someone seeking to build a portfolio due to the relatively low-quality demand.

Amazon Mturk


  • Scalability: You can quickly scale your writing projects and content volume based on the number of tasks matching your requirements.
  • Completion time: Tasks can be completed quickly due to the decreased complexity of content in most cases. This is advantageous when you have to meet tight deadlines.
  • Quick payments: Unlike freelance platforms, payment processing on Mturk is relatively fast. The payment can be in the form of Amazon gift cards, cash deposits, etc.
  • Guidance: A few Mturk requesters offer guidance and prerequisites before you take up the task. Hence, earning and learning goes hand-in-hand.
Short-term and flexible work.Relatively low compensation for writing tasks.
Writers don’t bid; instead, they get started right away with the choice of their work. 
Best for beginners and professionals alike. 

Link: https://www.mturk.com/

How to instantly get paid instantly by writing online?

Earning an income from writing content is not rocket science; all it requires is dedication, consistency and fluency in your language. However, choosing the right platform that aligns with your niche and amplifies the views on your writing piece is of utmost importance. Writing is an excellent tool for beginners who can earn a few extra bucks and also build a strong portfolio while they measure their journey to a professional.


How do I choose a niche or topic to write about?

Selecting a topic you are passionate about and possess a wealth of knowledge in is an excellent way of exploring and finding your niche. Apart from that, the latest research trends and audience feedback also play an essential role in the evolution of your content.

The Verdict

This article aimed to familiarize you with every instrument that can assist you in getting started or improving your writing experience. As previously said, rating platforms can be subjective and vary depending on individual needs. Nevertheless, we will provide you with a final decision so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

Best forPlatform
Highest earning potential Milyin
Freelance beginnersUpwork
Audience BuildingMedium

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