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How to be a Cool Guy.(Sarcastically)

16th October 2023 | 29 Views

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Man Smoking With Yellow Background 548078 18

I was walking towards my Terrace at mid-night to see the Perseid Meteor Shower. For those who don’t know what Perseid Meteor Shower is, it is simply shower of meteors appear from constellation Perseus. It was predicted to be seen on 12th and 13th August. Didn’t really saw any shower, probably because of pollution, smog, or clouds, who knows. I was sad, not because I didn’t saw any shower with my eyes, but because I didn’t captured any shower in my phone. I thought it would have been really very cool to take a photo of shower with my 13 mega-pixels phone’s camera and put it on my Instagram story. I thought it would have been very cool to make people know that I captured something that is so universal that everyone can easily witness it with their eyes. I would have been very proud to make people realize that they know nothing about Astronomy. I needed the social media validation. That’s why, I ended up ranting about Pollution on Twitter.

Reading(fiction or non-fiction) makes you very emphatic, relaxed, and happy. That’s why I don’t read because being sad and depressed is very cool these days, especially in youngsters. If you are a very happy and loving guy, it is very possible that you have very few friends. This is because people love to pretend that they are depressed. If you think depression needs therapy, you are not very cool. Depressed people are the real sigma( or alpha, beta, gama, whatever it is). Depressed people watch hardcore gender-centric movies, series, scroll through social media, have many depressed friends online, go for parties, drinks, smokes, abuses, and takes pictures that are really very blur(aesthetic). Isn’t that so cool! I love these people. I also want to pretend being depressed so badly.

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I also want to be really bad and unethical human being. Why? Because its cool. If you have any doubt about what exactly is bad and unethical human traits and portent are, think of every trait that your parents prohibit you to have. That’s why I don’t listen to my parents also. I feel what parents teaches us is very common, simple, good and there is nothing cool about them. They can never understand how depressed I am that I have to talk to my depressed friends online on my iPhone gifted by my bloody parents. Being a bad person has so many benefits such as it attracts opposite( or even same) gender. This is the only benefit I can think of actually.

Whatever we do is to look cool. But the definition of coolness changes with age. When I was a kid,I used to do Cartwheels to look cool in front of my friends. But now if I do the same, it would be dumb. Whatever we do is to impress someone. I am writing this whole thing to look cool.

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