Angels and Demons Alias Humans

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3rd July 2024 | 8 Views

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“I’d just like to say I’m sailing with the rock, and I’ll be back like Independence Day with Jesus June 6. Like the movie the big mother ship and all. I’ll be back.”

These words sound so optimistic, full of hope and positivity, until and unless we know the truth behind these sentences.

These were the last words of America’s first female serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

Horrifying… right!!!! This definitely might have got your senses tingling….

What makes this fact more horrifying? Is it the optimism that she can come back or is it the fact that such people committing heinous crime still exist in the world around us without any remorse!!! I don’t want to shed the details of the crime that was committed, but the point to highlight is, what makes people so demonic??? Is it their upbringing? Is it the lifestyle they chose to live? Or were they programmed to behave as they are/were?

The answer can be all the above.

What makes us Humans?? Love! Feelings! Protective Nature!!!

No!!…… Definitely Not!!!!

These qualities are attributed to every living creature. What is it then that helps us to qualify into the most supreme amongst the living beings???

Perfectly Right!!! Yes it the brain we humans have….

The supremacy of the brain is so vast that, it can rule the person or help a person rule the entire world. When it rules the person, we call it demonic possession. It is that time when unthinkable and unimaginable things occur which are the result of complex activities of the brain.

Foundations of righteousness have being laid down since early days of our lives which reflects on the way we think, behave and respond to circumstances. These are called principles or moral values on which our civilization is based. The tender souls that we have in our early stages of life makes it easy to take in things as they are presented to us. The things that are absorbed, appeal the angels/demons within us and we grow with that perspective in our minds. The resultant of all the activities, bombarded on that tender brain right since its early years, creates an angel or a demon whose intangible force can be realized miles apart. If Angelic part of the brain is nurtured peace and happiness dwells. When demonic part of the brain is nurtured the impact is so powerful that it gobbles up not only the person possessing it but also others in its vicinity who are not even aware of its existence.

Good/Bad, Negative/Positive, Right/Wrong and Angels/Demons, these are two sides of the same coin. One cannot exist without the other. The only thing which reflects its presence is the one which we give prominence to. What makes us Human is our brain and what the brain choses decides whether an angel is born or a demon. Angels and Demons are not ficticious theories. They are a part of us which have been given a pictorial representation to know what humans can be if manhandled physically, mentally or psychologically.

So what is the ultimate solution???????

“The ingredient to lead a humanely life is right amount of moral values, in conjugation with utilization of natural qualities possessed by the living beings with a pinch of valiant attitude to fight against the evils.”

Greetings everyone!!! This is Dr. Anita Sharma Pai. This is my first blog on Milyin. I hope you all enjoy reading it and get your neurons activated by the deep rooted meaning of the blog. If you’ve enjoyed what you have read, consider subscribing to my writing. If you’d like to support my writing and encourage me to write more on some brain wracking topics please leave a comment which can help me improvise better in the future. Thank you.

Anita Sharma



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