Robot Brother


3rd July 2024 | 3 Views

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┬áMy little grandson is always excited about #Robert.To educate him I wrote small poem entitled”Robert

Humane”. The same I am listing below for benefit of my esteem readers.

In window opposite my home

Lives robot bro brilliant

Everyday I see him Cleaning

House with #vacuum Cleaner

He follows fixed time line

He serves his sick master

Medicine in time

I say good morning

To him every day

He accepts my salute

With humble gesture


I told him one day

Please come to my home

We will have fun

We both will

Exchange knowledge

Of fun # tricks

We use in our games

You are so brainy


I love to be your friend bro

He told me friend

My brain is simpler

Than yours

And #operates much more


Basic part of my brain

Is neuron

Which does simple #operation

About 1000 times per second

My size can vary from coin

to bigger than car

I have three main components

Sense,compute and act

I told him friend

You incorporate

Discipline many

#Mechanical and# electrical


Subject science,# mathematics and physics

And of course arts pretty

We feel proud of you robot bro

When we see your wonders

In #escalator,# dishwasher,

#vacuum cleaner

Acting factories laborer,

Transport vehicles,

Aeroplanes, #helicopters,

#Submarines, #flying cars.

Many thanks friend

For being so nice and kind

You help us in lifting

Objects heavy

You help us in disaster

Management when there are,

Floods and # Sunami,

You give security to us,

By being present in missile,

#Drone and radar great,

I wish we could somehow,

Introduce in # algorithms,

Which run you,

Some moral values and,

#Empathy like we humans.

I also wish the same bro,

I wish I could be emotional,

And rational and stick to values # morals,

In odd and challenging situations,

And help humanity,

In many fold ways sacred,

And could,

Make history wonderful,

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986