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Sukarma Thareja

16th October 2023 | 3 Views

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I very often visit general physician with my mother in law. She is diabetic.  Taking care of her diet and exercise is big assignment for us. Taking lesson from my mother in law disease. I wrote little poem entitled “Real Enemy” to educate young minds. The same I am listing below for esteem readers of


Real Enemy


one may find that I am word little,
But very important I am to one dear,
When one reads my name it takes seconds,
When one thinks about me it takes minutes,
When one tries to understands my chemical dynamics,
It takes one’s life whole.

What am I? Where am I?
When my contents are high,
In baby brain; I show up as ADHD,
In adult brain; I show up as dementia,
In eyes I show up as Glaucoma,
In teeth; I show up as cavities,
 Under skin; I show up as aging,
In sleep; I show up as insomnia,
 In blood; I show up as diabetes,
 In whole system; I show up as cancer,
 In wall street; I show up as billions industry,
People are addicted to me;
People’s craving for me,
 Is near order of magnitude higher,
Than craving for Cocaine.

Friends guess who am I?
Rightly guessed I am one’s sugar content present in blood,
Now it is for one to decide who is one’s enemy real?
To keep at bay one’s enemy real.
Please do maintain healthy diet;
 With of course good exercise,
To maintain right amount of my(sugar) contents;
 In system under observations,
And say bye to enemy real.
Sukarma Thareja Alumnus IITK India

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Sukarma Thareja



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