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The Cryptic Feels – Introduction

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Believing in paranormal activities is a tough thing. But still there is a part in us that always thinks what if “Ghosts do exist”? Well there is not any scientific backings to answer this question,but ancient tales,some real life incidents and horror movies have made it really delusional that there exist a completely different world,other than what we live in.

I have read so many people’s stories who have encountered a paranormal entity. Their are so many people who have felt the existence of their beloved ones who have passed away and many have experienced the sensation of an evil spirit around them. Sometimes it’s our imagination only that binds our mind in believing that their exist a spiritual world,but when the mind is in its full wakefulness,then what?

Usually when we are alone,we always feel that somebody’s watching or following us. When it is dark we feel the presence of a ghost,devil or an evil spirit. But why? Maybe it’s our karma,our past life has something to do with it? Or maybe it’s just a normal fear. The eerie feeling of getting captured and killed may become troubling when you start seeing a site that is not common. It will try to play with your mind,but deep down your soul knows that it’s just your thought process.

But what about people who say they have witnessed some strange and bizarre things? It’s hard to believe them,but when you see an evidence regarding it,aah that really blows your cover.

Talking about paranormal activities,let’s talk about criminal activities. When we watch a documentary of a criminal,let’s say a serial killer,our mind goes into deep thoughts. It only asks one question,”WHY”? When we research about a criminal our mind is focused on its crime,why,because humans know their limitations and if something goes beyond their imagination and restrictions then it becomes their cryptic fear.

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