The Art of being a Chill Person


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Disclaimer from Creator: Tierd of being 'the person who is always lost in their own thoughts'? Well read this article to feel a little motivated and definitely one day you will come out of your comfort zone and be the 'chill' person that you really are.

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What does being a ‘chill’ person means? Well,a ‘chill’ person is the one who stays calm even in the worst situations. They know that being worried about something is not the solution,so they try to remain as optimistic as the can be.

Well am I a chill person? Not really! But I know what it really feels to be one. But how? The answer is really funny, I try to be a chill person with myself,cause I am an introvert 😂.

When I am in public my self-esteem is really low.But when I am all by myself I am at my top form. But how to be like this when I am surrounded by so many people?

Okay so let’s start discussing it! 

Firstly,Never in ever underestimate yourself or try to make yourself inferior to others. Just be yourself,don’t try to be the overdramatic person at the same time don’t act like a complete mute person. Just be your normal self.

 Secondly,if you are a nervous person naturally who just can’t stop overthinking,for god’s sake stop it. I used to spent most of the time overthinking about things and at the end most of things that I overthink didn’t even happened in reality. So just think,don’t overthink.

Thirdly,don’t ever depend on others fully. Being dependent on someone is never a bad thing,but again if being dependent on things or people takes out a part of your personality or you have to sell your confidence for it,then just stop it. I know saying this thing is easy,but slowly try to come out of your comfort zone and discover your own self. Social gathering is an important part of our life and getting emotionally attached to someone is also the same. But if a relationship leads to a negative outcome,then just come out of it.

Lastly,the most important thing,never listen to manipulate people’s advice. It’s very easy to find out who is manipulative. Listening to someone’s advice is a very good thing,but do not give a damn about manipulate people’s thought. If someone mocks you,just don’t listen. If someone exploits you,calmly and respectfully show them what you are worth of.

In the nutshell,I will just say one thing,”just be your normal self,don’t act different for somebody and never underestimate yourself”. Let the charisma of your inner soul,outshine in your personality”.

Renuka K



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