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7 Ways to Earn Money By Writing Fiction Online (2024)

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In this Creation, we’ll be showing you one of the best ways to make money online through fiction writing called Milyin. In addition, you’ll learn about how to select the right platform for fiction writing and various pro tips. But before that, I am also going to show you 7 of the best ways to write fiction and earn money.

We’ll be talking about Milyin, Wattpad, Amazon KDP, and various other methods to get paid to write fiction. These platforms were selected based on in-depth research based on parameters like joining criteria, earning potential, ease of writing, and growth potential.

Editor’s Pick

Writers looking for a top platform to earn money through writing fiction should go for Milyin. It is a free-to-join, open-source platform for writing fiction with a variety of monetization tools to make money using advertisements. This is the best way to write online in a variety of forms. Learn How Milyin Works or read the Getting Started Guide to Start. 

Earn Money By Writing Fiction Online

Way to Write Fiction and Earn MoneyEarning PotentialWriting FreedomEase of WritingLearn More
👍Milyin Very HighVery GoodVery GoodMilyin
Amazon KDPVery HighGoodVery GoodAmazon KDP
DuotropeVery HighModerateVery GoodDuotrope
Reader’s DigestHighVery GoodGoodReader’s Digest
WordPressExcellentVery GoodModerateWordPress


1) Milyin

Milyin is best for high earning potential as you start earning from Day 1.

Milyin is a great way to earn money for fiction writers, as it helps create fiction with freedom and provides robust writing tools to help you create content. Your content is monetized from Day 1, and you start earning right from there. Unlike other platforms, you get to control the frequency, type, and styling of the advertisements.

You earn whenever your audience clicks on your ads; it provides complete control over writing style, frequency of ads, and various other parameters. Your earnings are credited immediately, and you can withdraw them at your convenience. With various tools to add images, embed social media, add tables, containers, and more.


  • Fiction Writing: It is a platform conducive to fiction writing with an audience that enjoys quality reading content.
  • Earning: All your earnings are immediately credited to your account and can be used to make money based on each genuine ad click from your audience.
  • Variety: As a Creator driven platform, it supports a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction content. You can create poems, stories, articles, blogs, and more.
Complete control over formatting and styling of your fiction writing.Poorly built mobile app. It is best to 
Helps you interact with your audience and user base using Chat and Comments. 
Statistics and various other data points to help you understand and improve the performance of your Creation. 

Why is Milyin the best choice for your needs?

Milyin is an ideal choice for writing fiction and making money due to its easy signup and simple monetization. You can start earning on Milyin from Day 1 of writing fiction and grow easily thereafter. Register or Log in right now!

2) Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is best writing platform to write fiction ebooks and earn money. It has top writers and wide fiction audience ideal for earning money by selling ebooks.

Amazon KDP or Kindle Digital Publishing is a platform for new and upcoming fiction writers to publish their fiction work in the form of ebooks. The advantage of Amazon KDP is that once you are published you are available across the global network of Kindle Libraries and Amazon’s own stores for purchase.

It also provides you with options to launch your own hardcopy (physical book) without requiring any upfront investment. Users will be able to purchase your ebooks as usual. All the purchased books will be automatically printed in Amazon’s facilities and delivered to the customers. 


  • Completely Automated: Unlike other platforms, Amazon KDP is completely automated; it manages your transactions, orders, and issues and ensures you can focus on things that matter to you.
  • About The Author: All published writers on Amazon KDP are offered their unique author page to help people learn about them.
  • Discounts: You can run limited-time deals and free distributions to gain popularity and build hype for your book.
Helps you gain public attention and increase your social following.High competition can require you to spend a long time building sales.
Global market access across multiple languages helps spread the word. 
It provides you with complete freedom to publish content in any form or manner. 

Link: https://kdp.amazon.com/

3) Duotrope

Duotrope is best to sell fiction content and earn money. You can write and publish fiction on various topics and generate consistent income.

Duotrope is a popular marketplace writers use to find new clients for their businesses. It is a paid platform for writers, but once you join it, you are welcomed by a wide variety of top-notch clients willing to spend a lot of money on quality fiction writing. 

You can also find deserving publishers for your existing content by searching for some of the top publishers based on genre, interests, subtopics, price range, and various other parameters, providing you with greater control over your needs.


  • Contests: It provides you detailed insights into ongoing contests in which you can take part and earn money by writing fiction.
  • Applications: The straightforward and easy-to-use tools allow you to apply directly for various opportunities with little to no effort.
Automatically monitors and filters spammers and fake publishers.Lacks a free basic plan.
Helps keep track of applications and keeps you organized 
Assists in building a portfolio of writing fiction for some of the biggest names globally. 

Link: https://duotrope.com/

4) Reader’s Digest Magazine

Reader’s Digest is best to write fiction in less than 100 words and earn money.

Reader’s Digest magazine is a popular place for fiction writers and general content creators. It accepts creative short-form creative writings with up to 100 words. You can easily submit your creative works for review to Reader’s Digest. The best short stories get approved and published in their content.

You can earn up to $100 for each published short story in this magazine, making it an excellent option for almost all experienced writers. Reader’s Digest magazine was founded more than 100 years ago and is held in high regard among all fiction enthusiasts.


  • Fame: The respect and history of Reader’s Digest mean that if your fiction writing gets published in such a reputable magazine, you will have a lot of fame and social proof that can help you land jobs in writing as well.
  • Contests: It often organizes competitions with attractive prices, that are great for earning money and becoming discoverable among fiction enthusiasts, popular writers, and readers.
  • Income: Each published write-up is awarded lucrative payments as deemed deserving by them. You can easily earn money by consistently getting fiction approved with them.
You need not worry about formatting, styling, and publishing. Your focus is on writing only.The short story review process often takes longer than six months.
Works in many genres, including comedy, news, knowledge, lifestyle, and games. 
Allows you to submit as many short stories as you may like. 


Link: https://www.rd.com/100-word-stories-submissions/

5) WordPress

WordPress is best for self-publishing and creating your own site for publishing fiction.

WordPress is a popular name among self-publishers and completely independent writers. You’d be surprised to know that it has a very big user base and is used by almost half of all the websites on the internet. Clearly, it is very powerful and flexible. At the same time, it is designed to be easy to use and beginner friendly.

WordPress allows you to earn money by writing fiction in various forms. You can either use free version of WordPress, which provide you with limited control and features, or invest in a self-hosted version for a completely independent website for writing fiction. In the interest of simplicity, the points discussed below are relevant to paid version only.


  • Flexibility: It allows you to make money through various methods, including advertisements, affiliate sales, sponsorships, guest posts, merchandise, and digital content sales.
  • Plugins: The wide range of plugins can provide you with tools and features for almost any use case, like implementing newsletters, like/unlike buttons, paid subscriptions for exclusive content, and various other use cases.
  • Themes: You can use its library of free and original themes to style and format your website according to your niche, audience, and personal preferences.
Complete control and freedom to do anything with your content.Very limited functionality in the free version.
Builds high and consistent income for the long run. 
You can build a fan following and a hardcore club for readers who love your fiction. 

Link: https://wordpress.org/

6) Contests, Events, and Competitions

Contests, Events, and Competitions are best for earning money while socialziation in writing events.

As a fiction writer, you get to experience and compete in a variety of online/offline activities to earn money through fiction writing. These events provide you with great opportunities to showcase your skills to notable personalities. Furthermore, you can get acquainted with writers and content creators that share similar interests to yours.

Based on the nature of contests, you may earn quite a lot of money for your work, making it a really great option for extroverts. In addition, if you frequently struggle to find topics and ideas for your writing, such events are a great way to become more regular, as they themselves provide you with topics to write about.


  • Assignments: The best fiction writers in such events are often offered assignments by big journals, publications, and business houses.
  • Content: If your content from this competition is liked by the audience, you might directly get published in popular journals, propelling you upwards in your career
  • Feedback: As a beginner writer, you’d often struggle to understand shortcomings in your writings. By showing your fiction in such events, you get direct feedback from audience, helping you improve.
Helps build the habit of writing that ensures writers are able to consistently produce content.Takes time to build a sustainable income.
Provides you with valuable guidance from experts to learn, reiterate, and improve your writing. 
Helps you build a brand reputation and fan following. 

7) Udemy Courses

Courses are best for those who have excelled the skill of fiction writing. They can earn money by helpings others learn fiction writing.

Many new platforms like Udemy allow individuals to launch their own digital courses and earn a lot of money. You can create independent multi-lecture courses starting with the basics to the most extensive guidance for all your users.

While courses are not ideal for long-term professional careers in fiction writing, they are a great way to work one time and reap the benefits for many years to come. if your course becomes popular you will keep earning consistent income for the long term without needing additional effort.


  • Independence: It provides you complete independence in terms of teaching style, length of lectures, course durations, and more.
  • Reputation: Writing courses make you look like an expert, experienced, and successful fiction writer. This makes you a more credible and reputable writer.
Completely independent and straightforward working.You’d need speaking skills to be able to properly create courses.
Easy to use and understand working. Sow once and reap forever. 
Course Provider manages all issues, delivery, sales, payments, and other activities for you. 

Link: https://www.udemy.com/teaching/

How to Choose the Best Method to Write Fiction and Earn Money

Some of the key parameters that must be considered while choosing a platform for fiction writing are:

  • Acceptance: You should always look for platforms that easily accept all your writings and have a very high approval rating.
  • Content: It is in your best interest to choose methods for making money by writing fiction that give you freedom to publish content in variety of niches, topics, and target any audience group.
  • Income: You must choose tools and services that meet your income expectancy and help you start earning quickly with a long term consistent income.
  • Ease of Writing: You must always look into going for methods with tools and services that assist you in effortlessly writing fiction and earning money.


Conclusion – Get Paid to Write Fiction

Writing fiction isn’t easy. Probably, our list of the top 7 methods to earn money by writing fiction is sufficient for your needs. To further assist you in decision-making and narrowing down your choices, we’ve created this Conclusion for you. 

Best forGet Paid to Write Fiction
Highest Earning PotentialMilyin
Selling EbooksAmazon KDP
Gaining respect and social credibilityReader’s Digest

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