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I am fond of science arts writing.To educate young minds that how important is ones research lab for researcher if JRF,SRF,Post Dictorate fellow,visiting researcher,I wrote poem “Richest Land”and same I am listing below.

Being human with scientific aptitude,
I am science research lab wonderful.
Every semester a new/visiting researcher,
#JRF,# SRF, Post docs come with hope and aspirations.
Though all are new arrivals,
Some have ideas, some ask questions how and why,
Some have# hypothesis to their problems,
Some are busy in# experimentation,
Some are analyzing data what comes up next,
Some are making #graphs of data to show it is best,
Some are happy/depressed they got# results fine/not fine,
Every# researcher is trustworthy visitor,
I welcome and entertain honorable Researchers.
Being researcher in any science lab is a trip,
Of meaningful journey and is like dip,
In holy# mother Ganges lap beautiful,
Each scientific/non-scientific activities,
Researchers perform has outcome positive,
Which gives# researcher and me(Lab) awareness and pleasure,

Which clear/teach out us with new delight.
A parting question I(Lab) always ask myself and my researchers,
I played host ”to what kinds of researchers ”
What# scientific wisdom did they share? and I stay curious,
And feel proud to be researchers land richest.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986


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Sukarma Thareja


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