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Struggle-Experience Dynamics

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 I was talking to students other day and were advising them not that one should not  be scared of ones struggle in life. My students who are preparing for professional exam have to work day and night.After school many students take help from expert teachers to handle questions asked in entrance test.These students are always running short of time.

I feel very much concerned for them.Only way I help them by telling my students, struggle is part of life which is very important.Struggle give one valuable experiences and these experiences help one in solving struggles which one faces in future.

If  I put in chemistry language

1.Struggle give rise to experience as product hence it is consequential reaction.

2.Struggle and experience one cannot separate from each other.In other words struggle and experience are in equilibrium with each other, hence it is equilibrium reaction.

One can not separate ones struggle and experience .One cant accept or reject them, by separating them .These earned experiences help one in handling future struggle of life.Struggle and experience are two sides of same coin

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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Sukarma Thareja


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