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Integral Part of Life


16th October 2023 | 6 Views

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Its my fortune that I am able to carry

out research work with help of my able students.

 I was talking to my students after my

“research result progress meeting”. This meeting 

 hold every week. After this meeting I

told my students okay  students its time for my

  evening walk.Every day I take a break from
my  work and go for a walk for an hour.
Students told me that they appreciate
my evening walk. I told students  that what
 I started as a desperate attempt to lose
my  weight has now  become a habit that
 is an  integral part of my life.
I told my students,it is amazing!. On my way I see   plants,trees, birds, butterflies, dogs, squirrels, the sky, plants,trees, birds, butterflies, dogs, squirrels, the sky, clouds, etc. ).
Best part of this walking is Friends no gadgets, no tracking of distance/time/heart rate etc.What one need is just a pair of good shoes, comfortable  clothes, a waist pouch to keep my phone so that I walk  hands-free.Friends I literally walk through an orchestra  and music of  nature, presented by the birds and insects!! .I often pair this with the sight of the glorious sunset, and I make my day . 
Friends everyday, I look forward to that hour, wherein I observe as much Nature as I can.I note down the questions I get, and seek answers. Questions like “What is the connection between butterfly and monsoon?” “What is the pattern of a honeybug?” “What happens to trees during cyclones?”  I get back home and research ,With all this I am able to learn all about carbon sequestration.I also wrote one poem how whale contribution in carbon reduction process.The behavior of birds and insects, why “tree-plantation drives” don’t even come close to replacing a tree being  cut down in my country, how clouds form patterns everyday, etc. 
Sometimes I pause, capture birds chirping make audio of same.Whenever I see a snail moving on a leaf, near hedge of tulsi plants I make video of same.
All this has made my life beautiful and meaningful, of course I have lost 3 Kg weight. I am less materialistic now.With passage of time I  have many female cute friends who believe in walking,we often wave at each other while doing eco- walk and exchange our greetings. Everyday I thank all mighty for giving me strength to do so.I feel so much near to GOD.—-
Sukarma Thareja
Alumnus IITK


Sukarma Thareja



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