A wish upon a dream- A poem for the night wanderers ( updated : 16 aug 2023)


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Disclaimer from Creator: Each stanza of this poem describes different scenes through my eyes.

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A wish upon a dream 🥀

Wandering these corridors
I gazed at a blood red rose
Billowing in the beds of 
Creamy cotton snow.

Climbing through these stairs
I saw two friends laughing like goons,
And a little girl wishing them 
A good Afternoon.

Walking by a city street,
Through the windows of past and future
I watched A family of four,
Beaming at the wooden wonders;
And absorbed the old scent of saw dust and solitude.

In the dark veil of night
I looked up to the bejewelled stars
And I wished your arms around me,
I wished to gaze at this world
With you walking by my side;
To somewhere only we know.

                                                    ~Sanvi 🥀

Sanvi Yadav



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