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The Art of being Single

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I wrote this article just to share my feelings for the people who are just like me. If anyone who don't like anything about this article,then please don't hate,it's just my thoughts on love or having crushes.😄

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Well,in present times we see so many people around us who are in relationships. From early teenagers to late teenagers,everyone has found their special one! But about ‘us’?

By ‘us’ I mean you and me!😂. Jokes apart,finding a person with whom you can share your feelings is a tough task especially if you are indecisive or just hate to express your true feelings. Well all have crush on somebody in real life,some of us succeed to express it,and people like’us’ choose not to disclose it.

The reason you may ask,well according to me crushing over someone is different from loving someone. You can have multiple crushes at once but can you have multiple life partners at once? Obviously, No! People like ‘us’ don’t want the unnecessary attention that comes with expression of love whether it’s positive or negative. We want our crush just to remain a ‘crush’ only because we don’t wanna ruin our true feelings for them or we are running away from commitments. Further seeing frequent break-ups around us,fights between couples, and all the drama that comes with being in a relationship adds more to the fuel.

Thus,we choose to remain single or out of anybody’s attention. We just enjoy looking at our favorite persons,without causing a slight inconvenience in their life. We just wait for the right person,but even if we find the right person,I think then also we will not express our feelings to them,due to overthinking,anxiety and lack of commitment.🫠. And I think this is what balances our life and keep us away from anymore drama,IYKYK!

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