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16th October 2023 | 34 Views

Disclaimer from Creator: Being an introvert is not easy. You often get misunderstood and are thought of being a rude person. But you just need your own space and that's all. Sometimes it's your environment that make you a person limited to just yourself. But it's nothing to worry about! I am just like you!🤝 Slowly try to come out your comfort zone,and be the best version of yourself.

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A gust of wind eases me,

The touch of water makes me glee.

I roar and break when I am alone,

Highest level of peace is in this form.

Outshining myself is a common trait,

Only because I compete with my own bait.

Flute melodies is all I get,

When I am in my own space’s net.

People think I am arrogant,

They don’t know I am afraid of their judgements.

Misunderstanding is what makes my soul burn,

Cause I am a regular victim of it’s learn.

Thus me being me is what I dare not to,

But it’s the pinnacle of my own rescue.

It’s a secret hard to keep,

When your feelings are bitter yet so sweet.

Let’s just forget the world,

Blossom your true self in full swirl.

Remember nobody think’s a damn about you,

In the end it’s your body,mind and soul to pursue.

Renuka K



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