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 There are many format of# STEM-science,technology,engineering,Mathematics.STEM education is# backbone of any country.Young generation can fetch high salaried jobs with STEM education.

Not including humanities in STEM is a #myopic view. There is strong view among educationist that STEM is actually# STEAM- Science, Tech, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math and STEAM process are very useful in logically analysing history and other humanities subjects.The question is what is benefit of including humanities with STEM education.Answer is Humanities is must for students as it teaches them human values which one practices in life

STEM education includes courses in humanities such as language, sociology,# economics, accounts, commerce and# management around 15% as a way to bring STE to people. Teaching 15% STEM courses to students of science, humanities, commerce is necessary for them to be a little bit more# disciplined and purposeful in life

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