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My friend Sita got married in very nice family.Her mother in law Mrs Raka was very much concerned about my friend Sita’s need. Raka will communicate with Sita for every bit of her need. Sita soon realised communication is key to a healthy and# happy relationship.

 Sita’s in laws  gave powerful advice that saved Sita and her husband  a lot of stress and trouble in the long run. Living #below one means spending less than one earns, saving some money for #emergencies and future goals, and avoiding unnecessary# debt was her in laws precious advise This way, Sita enjoyed  her life without worrying about money all the time.

Sita’s family valued  about# unity of family. Howsoever strong one might be in this world,# family and friends are important part of ones life. They’ll provide one with all kinds of support to fight the situations. One can’t win a battle alone# folks! So Raka taught Sita how to# cherish ones loved ones and not to take them for granted.

Raka  and Sita will go to favourite salon in the morning or soon after it opens for hair cut.Raka believed that hair stylist would be fresh and more# creative in morning . A good haircut can boost ones #confidence and make one feel good about oneself was strong belief of Raka.

Sita’s mother in law Raka taught   Sita to massage her feet daily before sleeping.  Most of ones body’s #acupressure points lie on ones feet. Massaging them can stimulate blood circulation, relax ones muscles, and improve ones overall health.

Soon after two years Sita and Raka# strong bonding was visible to every one.Everyone thought duo were daughter -mother not daughter in law- mother in law. 

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


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Sukarma Thareja


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