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Disclaimer from Creator: Do you regret your every decision or are you afraid of your indecisiveness? Well you are not alone. Read this poem if you wanna lighten your irritated mind or wanna feel relatable!🫠🫣

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Neutralizing my mind is not easy,

Rethinking something is apparently so breezy.

Double check this and that and what not,

My brain changes outfit every second though.

To stay calm is my vibe,

But hurricanes are a common occurrence in my mind.

A small inconvenience is all I need,

To imbalance my placid lead.

Look friend,don’t ask me anything,

My indecisiveness will kill your thought’s string.

Go ahead watch me dig my own grave,

By becoming procrastination’s slave.

To live a serene life is tough,

It’s more dangerous when your thinking is so rough.

Being gloomy is not what’s gonna help you,

Relaxing will change your spritual hue.

So buddy cleanse your valley of thoughts,

Ultimately you will be out of that paradoxical drought.

Renuka K



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