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Being independent in Life

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was studying in very good school. Teachers were very good to students.

We used to get lot of# academic projects which were to be completed in
fixed time. Mostly we used to take help of# internet and library to complete
assigned projects. Sometime discussion in peer group was also very valuable. We had many friends whose parents used to help them a lot in finishing assigned projects. Some time I will feel #dejected thinking I wish my parents could help me in doing so. But my parents used to encourage me to be #independent while doing those projects. That habit which my parents inculcated in me that time has come long way with me. I find I remain
happy by doing everything in my life by myself. I have no# expectations
from others. I Think that is a simple formula to remain happy-balanced in life. Now I have grown old, same habit I try to #inculcate in my students and in my own children. Moral of story is friends that I have seen many students in my life time who are afraid of examination result.They are those students who expect more from# examiners and # teachers rather than from themselves. Sukarma Thareja Alumnus IITK
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