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16th October 2023 | 4 Views

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 Its a blessing to be #mother. Any country feel proud if creative, intelligent women and specially when they are mothers are contributing in building country.

Women contribution in building # socio- fabric of country are special as their experiences of working adds to #diversity of work. It is a known fact diversity in any work force make its impact much more balanced and innovative

But being a work from home mother is very #challenging. To face these challenges mother needs support from many sides of society  Some moms are lucky  they could take a year off from job

Trying to go back to work after# maternity leave,there are number of challenges on moms  physical and mental health, and  deep down sometime moms entire income goes to her# nanny, so staying in her job just be making sense.

Some time mom work part-time from home as a #writer and journalist, and it could be the best decision mom could have made. Mom took something she was already doing for fun (blogging) and turned it into a way to make some money while her #toddler was sleeping. Working from home left her able to completely eliminate childcare costs.

 Working from home may or may not necessitate# childcare, depending upon the specifics.

Working from home may seem like a dream, but it also has its challenges. It can be difficult to stay focused while at home, especially when moms kids are there too.

I  am writing all this in short as I have  also been working from home-mom.In this regard my humble submissions are following which I am listing below.

Whether or not working from home is the best choice for mom depends on many factors

Mom can eliminate her# commute.

Mom has more time to spend with your children.

Mom don’t need to dress up and buy a work wardrobe.

Mom may have fewer distractions.

Mom may be able to eliminate or# minimize childcare costs.

There are some problems also 

Home may be more #distracting than the office.

Kids at home may demand more attention from mom(even if you have childcare).

There may be fewer opportunities for mom to advance professionally.

Working mom may feel# isolated. 

Moral of Story-Being mom is  priceless.Question is if one happens to be working from home.There are many factors which are in favor which saves moms time of commute and  one can attend to child need  as and when ever required.As every activity has# positive and #negative points.So is with working from home-Mom.But moms be courageous and do what ever is best for you and child.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK

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