How Much Does Wattpad Pay

How Much Does Wattpad Pay? How to Make Money on Wattpad (2024)

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Wattpad’s Paid Stories program aims to help writers make money on Wattpad. But how does Wattpad really pay? Well, their payouts are tiny, and often the new writers struggle to make a living. 

Wattpad has more than 100 million users, and since 2019 it has been paying writers under Wattpad Paid Stories program. I’ll be doing a deep dive into how Wattpad pays writers. Moreover, I am going to share some Pro Tips to make money on Wattpad, but more on that later.

I will also tell you about a great platform like Wattpad with far better earning opportunities.

How Much Does Wattpad Pay to Writers?

Wattpad has various programs and methods to help you earn money. These include the Paid Stories Program, brand partnerships, writing contests, and various other events.

You can take part in the events of your choice. Some of the main ways to make money on Wattpad are:

  • Wattpad Paid Stories Program
  • Wattpad Creators Program
  • Brand Opportunities & Writing Contests

Let’s discuss.

1) Wattad Paid Stories Program

The payouts of Wattpad to writers are a fairly substantial amount. But, even with so much revenue, only the top Creators get the opportunity to earn money on Wattpad. Furthermore, even those who are eligible to earn feel that their earnings are insignificant.

Within the 1st year, Wattpad paid writers more than $3 Million as a part of paid stories initiative.

What is Wattpad Paid Stories Program?

Wattpad announced the Paid Stories Program helps writers earn a living through Wattpad. At the same time, it is a great way for Readers to show appreciation and support for the writer’s works.

Becoming eligible to write a story on Wattpad isn’t easy. We’ll talk about the eligibility in a minute, but let’s say you are eligible for a paid story; then, your story would be labeled as a paid story. As a paid story, your readers would have to spend Coins to read these stories. 

The first few chapters of all stories are intentionally made free to build interest. Once the user is hooked, pursuing them to buy the story is easier, and a great way to make money on Wattpad.

Eligibility Criteria: How to Join Wattpad Paid Stories Program? 

Once you join the program, your audience will get to read a few chapters for free. Thereafter they will be able to unlock one chapter at a time or all chapters are the same time using Wattpad Coins. 

Wattpad Coins are a virtual currency of Wattpad and can be bought through a digital store.

Wattpad paid stories program is completely invite-only. This means you would have to be creating some of the best stories to get noticed by Wattpad.

There is not much you can do to influence Wattpad.

You have to create the highest quality stories. Once you get in the notice of Wattpad, you will be contacted and communicated with. An entirely one-on-one onboarding process will take place to help you get started. 

Joining Wattpad Paid Stories Program Sounds Tough?

If you think it’s too tough to reach Paid Stories program, then you are not alone. That’s why one of the best Wattpad Competitors, Milyin, brought Day 1 Monetization. You can switch to Milyin and start writing stories. We’ll talk more about it at the end of this post.

2) Wattpad Creator Program

Wattpad Creator Program provides some of the best creators with additional tools, special. Assistance, and money-earning opportunities. It gives proper editorial support, extra perks, and many more collaboration opportunities.

Wattpad does pay a lot of programs like these to help them continue creating some of the highest quality stories on the internet.

What is Wattpad Creator Program?

The Wattpad Creator Program allows you to get contracts and deals with Wattpad to become an exclusive Wattpad writer. You are shared revenue from a pool of about $3 Million. 

You can join Creator Program to make money on Wattpad. Some of the top writers on Wattpad can receive stipends of up to $25,000. It intends to make the best stories exclusive to Wattpad, ensuring greater engagement and quality on the platform.

Eligibility Criteria: How to Join Wattpad Creator Program

Wattpad Creator Prorgam remains a program only for the best writers on Wattpad. To become a member, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must write a minimum of 500 words per week.
  • Complete at least 1 novel-length story (more than 50,000 words) on your account.
  • Ensure no content or code of conduct violations across your content.
  • You have at least one story in your catalog written in one of the genres stipulated below that has achieved a minimum number of Engaged Readers.

Joining Wattpad Creator Program Sounds Tough?

Getting eligible for the Creator program isn’t easy. As a new writer, achieving all the requirements is no piece of cake. That’s why you should try other platforms like Milyin. It has no requirements and lets you get started on Day 1. Learn How Milyin Works and Getting Started

3) Brand Opportunities & Writing Contests

Wattpad organizes various theme contests, branded opportunities, and events to boost writer motivation. Most of these competitions are open to all and are very easy to join.

They are a great choice for beginner-level writers or story writers struggling to find topics to write upon. You can use these opportunities to make money on Wattpad as an upcoming writer.

What are Wattpad Opportunities and Writing Contests?

Wattpad organizes various contests to generate quality content on specific topics or themes. You can create content in some of these top contests. If you win, you will often win cash prizes and social recognition.

Wattpad doesn’t pay much to writers who do not create some of the best stories in the competitions.

The best stories might also be adopted into web series or movies. If brands like your content, you may sign contracts for sponsored stories, bonus chapters, and more.

There are no eligibility criteria for such competitions. Generally, these competitions are open to all and easy to join. The big prizes and earnings are limited to the best submissions only.

Better Way to Make Money By Writing on Wattpad

Reading all the earning methods above, it must be evident that Wattpad isn’t the best place to become a well-paid story writer. But, lucky for you, there is a better choice.

Milyin is a new and upcoming platform for Creators. You can join it for free and create stories, poems, quotes, blogs, articles, hot-takes, and various other forms of content. 

It helps you earn through automated ads that run in your content. You earn based on organic ad clicks from your audience on your Creations. You can withdraw your income once you reach $1 in total revenues.

It has no eligibility criteria. You can simply put in your email, create your account, and start writing and earning. 

To learn more about Milyin, visit Getting Started and How It Works

Learn More about Make Money By Writing on Wattpad

How Much Does Wattpad Pay to Writers?

Wattpad doesn’t pay much to small writers. Successful writers can earn a lot by signing exclusive contracts, winning contests, exclusive deals, and various other perks. Wattpad writers can earn a lot by taking part in contests, but even there, the competition is very tough.


Can I make money on Wattpad as a story writer?

Earning money on Wattpad is quite tough. Story writers should look into alternate platforms like Milyin and Medium to make money and grow as a writer. These alternate platforms have far better monetization and are a lot better for growth.


Conclusion – How Much Does Wattpad Pay in 2023

In conclusion, Wattpad doesn’t pay a lot for the effort story writers put into it. Top writers easily take the overwhelming majority of their income, whereas average and new writers struggle a lot. Wattpad requires you to have a lot of patience to become successful and get good pay.

You should always be mentally prepared to be consistent and have a lot of perseverance to achieve success.

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