‘Echoes of Resilience: Embracing Shadows and Light’


3rd July 2024 | 3 Views

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In shadows deep, where memories reside,

Some lives are marked, by dark inside.

A part of us we’d rather shun,

A chapter we wish could be undone.


Unspoken tales, we dare not share,

A past we long to strip threadbare.

If chance could grant a clean erase,

We’d wipe that darkness from life’s trace.


Yet day by day, the fear remains,

The echoes of old pains and strains.

A spot it casts on our brighter days,

A hidden mark in life’s sunlit blaze.


We shield that darkness, far from sight,

To face it alone in silent night.

Despite our striving, it still weaves in,

That spectral dark, where we’ve ever been.


Though it may seem, that dark is gone,

Its tendrils linger, it carries on.

Not just a specter of days long past,

But in our present, it’s cast its mast.


Not to erase, or to delete,

But to accept, admit defeat.

Efforts not to banish it away,

But to find strength in light of day.


The past, unchangeable as it stands,

Yet need not hold future’s hopeful strands.

Let it not bind, your present’s flow,

Accept its lessons, let courage grow.


So raise your head, this day anew,

Independence found in facing true.

Darkness and light entwine their dance,

In every step, there’s a second chance.


Shakuntala Singh



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