Pure Bliss!——


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Pure Bliss!——

My friend Kitu and myself were teaching in same school. Kitu was social science teacher, while I was teaching science in school. Before coming to school every day I will # pray to God for well being of mankind.

Kitu was upset with many small problems in her life. Myself and Kitu will discuss problems faced by us in school and at home.

I strongly believed in # seeking blessings of saints, teachers, parents , family and friends. Somehow though Kitu believed in blessing but not that strongly as I believed.

I explained Kitu see my friend” our relations with each other is special because we exchange love and respect. This exchange of pure # vibrations empowers us and keep us full of energy and enthusiasm.”

I further explained Kitu and said” there are some people in our life who are source of energy because their thoughts are pious for us. When people like saints, parents, parent-in-laws bless us we get # positive energy and we work tirelessly and face # challenges with ease.  Kitu!  Please! do remember # blessings are not thought and words created on special occasions. but every #pure thought and word is blessing.”

My dear friend Kitu agreed to my request and she started making special efforts for seeking blessings from elders, parents, parent-in-laws and saints. She was so happy to experience the impact of blessings on her # destiny.

Moral of story-Every # pure thought is blessings. Friends please make a habit of keeping pure thoughts and words for everyone who so ever you encounter in life. You will experience #  pure bliss throughout your life.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986



Sukarma Thareja




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