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Physician at Clinic


16th October 2023 | 10 Views

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My friend Mamta was general # physician.She had just finished her
internship and was waiting for letter of appointment from govt hospital.

Mamta’s father friend Dr. Rana was # surgeon.It so happened he was going for
personal assignment abroad.Dr Rana said" since I will be away from my
clinic for six months therefore Dr Mamta can do practice in my # medical clinic".

Mamta was very happy to get such a good offer  from Dr Rana. Mamta started
going to Dr Rana's medical clinic.Only three to four patients used to come.
After that Mamta had to wait in clinic as her timings were from 9am to 12am.
Mamta being very fresh,was confused about how to pass her time in clinic
when patients were not there .When patients were not there in clinic to pass
her time Mamta will knit sweater. #Clinic staff was unhappy with this arrangement. One day one senior health staff came to Dr Mamta and told her look madam this clinic is very precious for all of us.Dr Rana taught us not to# waste a single
minute in this clinic.But madam Mamta up to our surprise in free time instead
of reading # health scientific journals lying in cupboard of Dr Rana you waste your precious time by knitting sweaters. Madam this is not acceptable to staff of this health clinic. Dr Mamta realized her #mistake and apologized for same. Moral of story is every moment at #work place should be spent for cause of profession.
Key Words- General Physician, Surgeon, Clinic Staff,medical scientific journals Sukarma Thareja Alumnus IITK India
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