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Who is more stressed a topper or an average student?

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How much I believe every student face the same trauma at the time of exams but the environment makes it worse or better also.

A TOPPER is always expected to top the exams and the society sets their level so high that even after getting good percentile they still aren’t happy. And sometimes the pressure is that if they would not be able to score high what people would think about them. It is not always good to top sometimes ups and downs are also significant.

AN AVERAGE STUDENT is tensed because of the taunts of comparing them with others. The society makes them so much inferior that even passing the exam becomes a big achievement, they have the potential to top but still gets bound in stereotypes.

The truth is that both have same stress and peer pressure but the winner is only one.

And do u know who wins : The student studying not to show to others but for him/her only. For their future and victory is not to top but the victory over stress, over such stereotypes. It should be a victory in which you had showed your potential , gave your 100% not for others but for yourself.

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