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7 Ways To Earn Money By Writing Stories Online (2024)

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You can earn money by writing stories online on some of the best writing websites like Milyin, Medium, Wattpad, WordPress, Amazon KDP, and more. Proper utilization of these resources can help you easily become a story writer.

Milyin is versatile, supports the widest range of content formats, and has the best earning potential for stories. Amazon KDP is your go-to choice if you want to publish long-form stories. However, if you want to do proper fiction writing then Wattpad is the best platform to write stories and earn money.

Writing stories is not an easy task; it feels even tougher when the writer is paid inadequately. That’s why it is important to choose the right platform for story writing that can very well justify your hard work. These 7 platforms to get paid to write stories are going to be a great help for you.

Write Stories and Earn Money

Make Money By Writing StoriesEarning PotentialEase of Content CreationJoining FeeLink
MilyinVery HighVery GoodFreeMilyin
Amazon KDPVery HighGoodFreeAmazon KDP
WordPressExcellentGood$50+ per year in hosting and domainWordPress
MediumHighVery GoodFreeMedium
WattpadHighVery GoodFreeWattpad

Editor’s Choice:

The editor recommends Milyin as an ideal platform to get paid to write stories. You can start earning from Day 1 and publish with great freedom. Learn How Milyin Works and how to get started with Milyin easily.

1) Milyin

Milyin is the best platform to earn money by writing a story, with its monetization & creation tools. You can run ads, chat with the audience, and socialize easily.

Milyin is a free-to-join and open for all content creation platform with a wide variety of Creations, including stories, short stories, poems, quotes, blogs, and articles. It gives you the freedom to create and monetize your content as needed. Your earnings would be through the ads they run on your Creations.

You get complete control over the frequency of ads, the location of ads, and their type. Unlike other platforms, Milyin allows your audience to socialize with you through comments and chat. Your story readers can even follow you and get notifications whenever you publish Creations.


  • Creation Tools: Milyin has one of the most robust ranges of content creation tools that allow for adding images, videos, tables, lists, embedding Tweets, Instagram Posts, and more.
  • Content Control: You can restrict copy-pasting to ensure that your Creations cannot be copied or misused by someone, providing better data protection.
  • Analytics: Provides you with data-driven analytics. To help you understand your performance and make improvements.
No verification needed – Start earning from Day 1.It has a poorly built mobile app. You are better off using it on the web.
Instant withdrawal – Withdraw earnings once you cross $1 
Complete control over styling and formatting of your Creation. 

Link: https://milyin.com/


Why is Milyin the right platform for you?

Milyin is the perfect platform to get paid to write stories. You can earn money by writing stories on any topic and can write as many Creations as you like. They handle all styling, design, visual representation, and advertisements so that you can focus on writing stories.

2) Ebooks Using Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is best for publishing long-form stories and earning money. You can sell your stories as Ebooks and gain reputation as a writer.

If you do not enjoy earning money by writing stories, you should venture into Ebooks or physical books. Books should always have longer stories as people investing in books are rarely satisfied with short stories. Amazon KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing platform allows you to create and sell an ebook on Amazon.

If you want, you can convert your book into hardcopy. Also, Amazon will print out your Ebook and ship it to your customers with no upfront costs. They will directly subtract printing costs from the money you earned from sales.


  • Market: Being a listed publisher on Amazon gives you direct access to a customer base of billions of individuals globally, giving you unparalleled access to the market.
  • Reputation: You can become a really reputed writer with a few sales, which gives you social acceptance and recognition as a successful story writer.
Amazon manages all printing, delivery, and stock; you focus on writing.Initial sales can take a lot of time.
Provides About The Author page and helps people get to know you. 
Easily run promotions, limited-time deals, and free distributions. 

Link: https://kdp.amazon.com

3) Self Publishing Stories using WordPress

WordPress is best for starting your own site and writing having complete control over styling and formatting of your content along with great earning potential. 

If you plan to earn money by writing stories for the long term, you should start your site and publish stories there. The best part is that you can use an online story generator to get story ideas and grab readers’ attention. It is a long-term approach but has a lot of potential. Starting a website using WordPress gives you greater control and freedom over how you work.

But wait — there’s more. The main advantage of a website is earning options. As a long-term story writer, you could start your blog, fan pages, merchandise, webinars, and social events to get paid to write stories.


  • Native Tools: WordPress has native tools to sell e-books, create paid blogs, start memberships, and set up merchandise stores, blogs, and other earning options.
  • Plugins: WordPress has a variety of themes and plugins to implement almost anything you can imagine. Newsletters, podcasts, subscriber lists, you can build all of them through plugins.
WordPress has a huge database of free themes to match your niche and preferences.Requires initial investment.
Easily collaborate with other writers and get your stories shared properly. 
Create a customized About The Author page for your needs. 

Link: https://wordpress.org

4) Medium 

Medium is best for publishing stories and interacting with some of the best writers in the world. 

Medium is a popular content-writing platform with some of the most renowned writers in the world. At Medium, you earn money by writing stories in proportion to the time people spend viewing your posts. This is one of the best platforms to write stories and earn money due to its straightforward monetization scheme.

You can become a writer at Milyin very quickly. In my experience, they have by far one of the best content-writing tools and editing interfaces for writing your stories. The easy-to-navigate UI and straightforward design make it ideal for beginners as well as experienced users.


  • Audience: Medium might not be the most significant platform, but its audience is most aligned and interested in reading stories, making it ideal for you to gain a huge follower base.
  • Earning: As a subscription-based model, it doesn’t utilize advertisements and provides an immaculate and distraction-free experience for your audience.
Advanced analytics and stats for you to understand your performance.Takes time to build an audience and become eligible for Medium Partner Program.
Interact and learn from some of the top writers globally. 
Helps you rank higher on Google due to the high Domain Authority of Medium. 

Link: https://medium.com

5) Wattpad

Wattpad is best for getting paid to write fiction stories online. It is a platform for readers and professional writers. Their audience loves fiction.

Wattpad is a very niche platform used for publishing digital content, generally in the form of E-books. You can join it to publish your content as ebooks. Unlike Amazon, this deals only in digital content and provides all content for free by default.

But, the advantage of Wattpad is in terms of a dedicated audience that is far more likely to trust newer and upcoming writers. It is also an excellent place for you if you have multiple stories that you want to publish.


  • Tools: It has native tools to create professional-looking books with proper guidance and assistance
  • About The Author: Unlike other platforms, Wattpad provides a very well-designed user interface for authors to themselves.
Provides writer resources to teach fundamentals and critical concepts for your needs.Relatively poor earning model that takes time to build income.
Frequent writing contests can help you gain recognition and earn money by writing stories. 
If your work is good, your content can be adapted into a full-length movie series as well. 

Link: https://wattpad.com

6) Magazines

Magazines are a great way to earn money by writing stories as a writer. You can cover varios historical stories, news, and other events for magazines.

Magazines love stories; they really do. Depending on your niche, magazines can be an effective solution to earn money. Online magazines and publications are always looking for talented writers who can contribute compelling stories to their platforms.

Writing for these publications allows you to showcase your skills and provides an opportunity to earn money and gain exposure. Research online magazines and publications that align with your writing style and genre. Look for submission guidelines and follow them closely when submitting your work. It’s important to tailor your stories to the specific publication’s audience and tone.

  • Payments: Many online magazines and publications offer payment for accepted submissions, either as a flat fee or based on the number of views or engagements your story receives.
  • Niche Relevance: Success in magazines largely depends on niche. If say, you are planning to work with historical and political magazines, there would be a lot of historical stories you would get to quote. But, if you are working in something list fashion, there are not many stories (only news). So be careful while deciding.
Magazines are also a great way to earn money while gaining visibility in the writing community. 
If you do good work, you may be hired as a contractual worker or a permanent writer. 
One of the most consistent work providers for writers. 

7) Ghost Writing for Stories

Ghost Writing is an easy way to write stories and earn money with minimum efforts. You can easily utilize the 

If you enjoy writing but prefer to stay behind the scenes, freelancing as a ghostwriter can be a lucrative option. Many individuals and businesses are willing to pay for well-written content without taking credit for it themselves.

To start, create a portfolio showcasing your writing skills and versatility across different genres. Platforms like Upwork and Freelancer offer opportunities to connect with clients looking for ghostwriters. 

When freelancing as a ghostwriter, communication and confidentiality are essential. Clearly define the scope of work, deadlines, and payment terms upfront to avoid misunderstandings. 


  • Experience: Helps you gain experience and knowledge and become successful as a writer. 
  • Skill: Working with various clients help you gain skills and become proficient in managing targets/deadlines. This is valuable, can be critical in getting jobs, and can help you earn money by writing stories.
It can provide a steady income stream and valuable experience in different writing styles.If you don’t have an existing portfolio, finding new clients is extremely difficult.
Get acquainted with famous authors, bloggers, or business owners directly. 
Highly consistent work and high income throughout the year. 

FAQs – How To Earn Money By Writing Stories

Is it possible to make money by writing stories?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to make money by writing stories through platforms like Milyin, Medium, Wattpad, WordPress, and more. These platforms use advertisements, memberships, subscriptions, and more to help you earn money with minimum effort.


What are the best ways to get paid to write stories?

Some of the key ways to write stories and earn money are:


Conclusion – Get Paid To Write Stories

Till now, we’ve discussed some of the best methods to make money by writing stories. You must always choose the best platforms for writing stories online. Otherwise, you may find poorly built platforms with low-income potential and/or challenging usage. You can select any one of our recommendations. To make your life easy, we’ve created this conclusion:

Best forWebsite to write stories and earn money
Best for high money-earning potential and freedomMilyin
Best for selling books as a real author.Amazon KDP
Best for fiction story writingWattpad

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