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Life is Above Categories


16th October 2023 | 4 Views

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<∗Sarla was my research Scholar.She was very sincere student.After working for two years for her Ph.D programe she got married.

One day  after our discussions about thesis problem results Sarla asked me “madam I am confused about what is essential in life that is, money,love or family support”?

I said “in life you need  all three dear Sarla :money,love and good family support.Life is not that simple as one think.Please do not consider life as box full of essential materialistic things.Life is much above categories.Life never says that I am full of joys.Nor does it say I am not full of sorrows..In life some time joy ad sorrow co exist but still it is much away from both joys and sorrows.”

I further said”Sarla please imagine astronauts, some time they can not experience time.This unique example I am giving you dear student to let you realize that life can give one experience like this.Some experience of life give one numbness also.”

I also further said”Sarla life is a personal experience,which has billion flavors.Every flavor has many  many colors and in each color there are tunnel like paths.These paths get connected with one another randomly.”

Sarla noded her head and said”thanks madam for giving me flavour of life in such few sentences and short time.”

I said”Sarla be brave and face life with honesty,trust ,walk on life rope tightly with open eyes with support of your dear ones .Sarla please also do remember best things in life are free example sleep,smile and laughter”

Sarla had big smile on her face,of course! bit confused, she looked bit more confidant than before.

Moral of story is friends whatever one gets in life it all depends on once brain cells that is how positively one faces happenings in life,How much each brain cell is capable of thinking differently.It also depends on how much courage and strength one has to go against crowd.Hence honesty,braveness and patience are traits essential in life

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK


Sukarma Thareja



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