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I Fear to be Vulnerable

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I fear to be vulnerable

I fear to make myself visible

What if I am not like them

What if I am not one of them?

What if their thoughts aren’t the same?

What if I am playing a lonely game?

This is how I build up a wall

On all four sides forming a hall

A hall as big as a mansion

A hall with only me and my depression

Many people come at the door

But all I do is just ignore

My heart is a huge sea of feelings

Finding a shore of definite endings

But now there’s a storm in this sea

Waves crashing in hope of being free

One decision and they can be released

But for me this sea is already deceased

It’s not that I can’t show my whole

Its not that I don’t want to grow

I want to, I want to, I want to

Can I please take a moment or two?

By the time I am ready and convinced

To put up a show of my life, unhinged

The beings there vanish like the rainbow

Two moments to glare, the sky is yellow

One day I will share my stories

One day I will live those glories

But until then let me write

And keep myself out of sight 

punya medtiaLast Seen: Aug 3, 2023 @ 2:58am 2AugUTC

punya medtia


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