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How Challenging it is t Work at Fast Food Joints

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My friend Neelam used to work in fast food joint.Many of us may think that this job is easy one.Actually it is not so.I learnt many good lessons from  experience of my friend Neelam  challenging job.I am listing the same below.


Working at  fast-food job teaches one how to work under pressure and manage ones time. One  has to deal with busy periods,long lines, unexpected situations, and multiple tasks at once. One  learns how to prioritize, multitask, adapt, and stay calm. One has to follow rules, procedures, and standards in distribution of food and making bills.These are all important skills for this job .

 Working at fast-food joint ,teaches one how to appreciate what one has  and what others do for others. One will see first hand how hard these jobs can be, how much effort and energy they require, and how little they pay.

Moral of story is- one realizes how much  workers at fast food joint work hard and therefore they deserve respect and recognition for their work. One  also realize how lucky one is to have other opportunities and choices in life. One can learn from fast food joint workers that how to be grateful and humble. These are all valuable qualities one should learn from workers at fast food joint.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus  IITK

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Sukarma Thareja


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