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If only they knew what was between me and my coffee

16th October 2023 | 1 Views

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If women knew what was between me and my coffee, they would be amazed.
How can a man with a deep passion fall in love with a woman in his cup, and how can he see a woman of exceptional beauty in his coffee who will keep him away from the women of the world and give him a pleasure that all the women of the earth will not give him?
How can I see the cup, a wonderful dress that matches the body of the woman in the cup,
And how I see her face with long soft brown hair that caresses my lips, until I finish it, and I sweeten my mouth with the softness of what is left of it.
If they knew what was between me and my coffee, they would have been struck by lightning. How can a man on earth carry such a unique passion in his heart?

Winter Coffee



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