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Technology vs Chalk Board -Expression on Paper


16th October 2023 | 3 Views

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Technology vs Chalk Board -Expression on Paper
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 Figure-Chalk Board

 When I was small we were given lot of emphasis on writing.There used to be competition in school about good writing at primary level.Every lesson was  taught with use of chalk board. There were no computers and lap top in our times. Every subject for learning involved lot of practice on paper.  We used to write notes of every subject on paper.

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 Figure-Student standing near chalk board with mobile phone doing academic discussions.

 While digitization  decrease students Concentration levels: according to the some study, spending too much time on digital platforms including social media can result in a lack of focus and concentration. To reap the benefits of digitization and continue to benefit from using writing tools for self-expression, individuals need to marry the two methods to enhance cognitive processes.

Dependence on technology: classrooms have become more technologically friendly, which I found that many of my students struggle when trying to complete school work without any digital aid. Moral of story is to increase student analytical power educators should use mix mode to teach. Educator should use black board to derive important points of lecture, for experimental demonstrations one can take help of video presentation. Friends all this I am writing from my own experience. This mixed mode of teaching help students take notes in class. They are always active and alert. Teacher and taught both take best benefit from mix modes. Sukarma Thareja Alumnus IITK India

Sukarma Thareja



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