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Falling of a demon

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In search of joy, we chase the light,

From darkness to dreams, our daily fight.

To make others see we’re strong and true,

But some may frame us, causing us to rue.

Happiness is a flame that warms the soul,

It lifts us up and makes us whole.

We strive, we yearn, we dare to be,

In pursuit of dreams and feeling free.

Yet some may try to make us fall,

Blaming us for deeds, both big and small.

But we won’t break, we’ll stand our ground,

With courage and strength, we’ll rebound.

In kind hearts, we find our guiding light,

They see our worth and make it right.

They believe in us, and that’s the key,

To keep us going, setting our spirits free.

So let’s keep seeking joy in every way,

Chasing the light throughout each day.

We’ll conquer obstacles, defy the lies,

And bathe in happiness that never dies.

For happiness is our guiding star,

No matter how near or how far.

In simple words, let it be said,

We grow and perish , with a dream

And self acceptance of loss that make other gleam

Aryaman ChauhanLast Seen: Jul 26, 2023 @ 10:28am 10JulUTC

Aryaman Chauhan


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