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I have scars in many parts of me

On my neck, hands, thighs, and stomach

Places where people can’t see 

Is where I hold sadness inside me 


It all started out in grade ten 

When I was so stressed for my exams 

Constantly searching for peace and zen 

Barely functioning as a human 


I remember my first cut 

Out of frustration about my weight 

Soul closed off, eyes shut 

I thought it would be my last but… 


Then I lived off the high 

Sorely addicted 

Soaring in the sky 

My, oh, my 


It was pure ecstasy 

That feeling of seeing my blood

Pouring down through like a sea 

Why was then so beautiful, oh merry me 


When the blade of joy 

Was finally taken away 

Happiness turned coy 

And shied away 


I tried to kill someone 

Who wasn’t quite me 

But still lived in my body 

And i couldn’t run 


I’m not quite better now 

But i have hope 

I’ve seen the lowest downs 

So I ask myself how 


How can I continue to live on

After having done so much to myself 

But the part of me that liked it is gone 

And I’m ready for battle, guns drawn

sai yukiLast Seen: Aug 3, 2023 @ 4:49pm 16AugUTC

sai yuki


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